Angel Broking vs Upstox 2024

Angel Broking and Upstox are among the top-ranking brokers in India with helpful features like discount brokerage, a wide no. of assets, and useful educational channels.

Angel Broking (now Angel One) is one of the largest full-service retail brokers in India that offers discount brokerage services at low cost. The Active client base of Angel One is around 4 million in 2023 securing its place in the top 3 brokers in India. You can check the detailed report on top 20 stock brokers in India.

active client base in Indian brokers

Upstox, on the other hand, was incorporated in 2009 as RKSV Securities and later in 2016 revamped the platform as Upstox to follow the discount brokers league. Now Upstox has become the 2nd largest discount broker in India after Zerodha with around 5 million active client base.

Since both Angel Broking and Upstox are in the top 3, let’s discuss further about other features and tools that set them apart.

Angel Broking vs Upstox Tradable Assets

Upstox allows you to trade in all the segments –

  • Equity delivery 
  • Equity intraday
  • Equity F&O
  • Currency F&O
  • Commodity F&O

Apart from that you can invest in mutual funds, ETFs and bonds.

But Angel One has one big advantage over Upstox is that Angel Broking allows you to invest in US stocks. Angel Broking has collaborated with Vested (a US-based broker) for a seamless US stock investment experience.

Angel’s US stock investment account is included within its Demat and trading that offers zero brokerage on US stock trading and you don’t have to pay any additional AMC charges.

Winner – Angel Broking

Angel Broking vs Upstox Charges Comparison

#1. Brokerage Charges

Angel Broking has a discount brokerage plan called iTrade Prime which doesn’t charge any brokerage fees on equity delivery. In contrast, Upstox has fixed brokerage around 2.5% or Rs. 20 per executed order (whichever is lower), so Angel broking clearly has the upper hand here in equity delivery.

But Upstox has a lower brokerage offer for small traders with 0.05% or Rs. 20 per order (whichever is lower) because if you trade for Rs. 10,000 you have to pay Rs. 5 in Upstox per order whereas you have to pay Rs. 20 per order in Angel Broking.

For high-volume traders, both brokers charge similar brokerage fees as you can see in the chart below.

Angel Broking (iTrade Prime)Upstox
Equity DeliveryZeroLower of 2.5% or Rs. 20 per executed order
Equity IntradayRs. 20 per executed orderLower of 0.05% or Rs. 20 per executed order
Equity FutureRs. 20 per executed orderLower of 0.05% or Rs. 20 per executed order
Equity OptionsRs. 20 per executed orderRs. 20 per executed order
Currency FuturesRs. 20 per executed orderLower of 0.05% or Rs. 20 per executed order
Currency OptionsRs. 20 per executed orderRs. 20 per executed order
CommodityRs. 20 per executed orderLower of 0.05% or Rs. 20 per executed order

Winner – Tie

  • Upstox for a lower percentage of brokerage on small trading amounts
  • Angel Broking for brokerage free equity delivery

You can check the Upstox Demat charges & Angel one Demat charges in detail.

#2. Account Opening Charges

Angel BrokingZero

Winner – Tie

#3. Account Maintenance Charges

Angel BrokingRs. 240 per year (from 2nd year onwards)

Winner – Upstox

#4. Mutual Fund Commission

Upstox offers you direct mutual fund investment which means you don’t have to pay any commission to Upstox while investing in mutual funds from their platform. 

On the other hand, Angel Broking offers regular mutual funds only where you have to pay some commission to Angel Broking which could be around 0.5% to 1.5% which varies from AMC to AMC.

Winner – Upstox

Angel Broking vs Upstox Trading Platforms

In my research, I found Angel One trading platform is snappy with lesser glitches as compared to Upstox.

Angel Broking has different platforms for stocks and mutual funds investment. Angel One is available for stock investment for both the domestic and US stock markets. And Angel Bee is an investment application for mutual funds and bond investment.

On the other hand, Upstox provides you with all your investment options such as stocks, mutual funds, and bonds on the Upstox Pro platform making it easy to track all your investments in one place.

Angel Broking also offers dedicated Angel pro speed desktop software, Angel online trading web platform, and mobile application but Upstox only offers two platforms that are web and mobile similar to most of the discount brokers offered in the industry.

#1. Upstox  Pro Trading Platforms

Upstox Charting
  • Upstox Pro Web – Upstox Pro Web is a web-based trading platform for desktops or laptops that you can open in your web browser like Google Chrome. Upstox Pro Web operates on Web-socket technology that delivers real-time data at a fast refresh rate during live market hours. 
  • Upstox Pro Mobile App – Upstox Pro mobile app is a miniature version of the web trading platform that offers you real-time market updates on the go.

#2. Angel Broking Trading Platforms 

Angel Trade Pro
  • Angel One Speed Pro – is a terminal-based trading platform you can install in your computer that offers blazing-fast live streaming of share prices with features like integrated news and research reports.
  • Angel One Trade – is a web-based platform to cater to all your trading and investing needs without physical constraints.
  • Angel One App – is the on-the-go trading platform that you can install on your smartphone and trade while away from your system. 
  • Angel Bee – mutual fund investment app that also allows you to invest in bonds and ETFs.

Winner – Angel Broking

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Angel Broking vs Upstox Tools and Partnership Platforms

#1. Angel Broking vs Upstox Tools

I. Angel Broking Tools

Angel Broking offers you multiple tools like ARQ RoboAdvisory, stock SIPs, GTT orders, and personalized tips to enhance your stock trading experience.

A. ARQ RoboAdvisory

ARQ is an AI (artificial intelligence) based advisory system that provides you with a detailed guide on investing in stocks, mutual funds, and bonds after evaluating multiple factors like your income, risk appetite, long-term/short-term goals, and market trends.

B. GTT Orders

Good till triggered (GTT) is an open order (either buy or sell order) that would remain active in the exchange until the defined condition (mentioned while placing the order) in that trigger is met. 

GTT orders help you save time from regular tracking the market as the order gets executed automatically when the mentioned condition in the trigger is fulfilled.

C. Stock SIPs

Stock SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) orders are similar to mutual fund SIPs that allow you to schedule your stock investment at a predefined time. This simply means, you can make a group of your favorite stocks called a basket, and schedule to buy those bunch of stocks every month at the defined date & time.

II. Upstox Tools

Upstox doesn’t have the above-said tools or features except for GTT orders that they have recently introduced. But Upstox provides you with some unique features like readymade options strategies and market recap.

A. Readymade options strategies

You can execute readymade ‘options strategies’ from the Upstox Pro dashboard tailored to your risk capacity and market trends. You can understand the maximum profit/loss and funds required to execute that strategy.

Upstox’s readymade options strategies also provide important factors like market fluctuations and risk analysis to help you make an informed decision in options trading.

B. Market recap

Upstox’s market recap is a daily newsletter that offers you a brief analysis of what happened in yesterday’s market to let you make up your mind for the present day’s trading.

Winner – Angel Broking

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#2. Angel Broking vs Upstox Partnership Platforms

I. Sensibull

Sensibull logo

Sensibull is an options trading platform that offers a user-friendly interface and advanced tools for making strategies, analyzing and executing trades, making it easier for users to trade in options. You can also use a virtual platform to learn strategy building before risking real money.

Both Angel Broking and Upstox have partnered with Sensibull to provide this useful platform to their clients.

II. Algo Trading Platform

Angel Broking vs Upstox Algotrading Platforms

Upstox AlgoLab (connected with Amibroker) is ideal for creating, backtesting, and executing trading strategies. AlgoLab is also connected with Amibroker.

An Amibroker AFL user can directly place an order from the Amibroker platform to Upstox in no time which makes it easier for professional traders to execute their strategies effortlessly.

In contrast, Angel broking doesn’t have collaboration for Amibroker but they do have their in-house Algo trading platform Smart API that allows you to create strategies including everything from simple strategies, like executing trades based on technical indicators, to more complex strategies that incorporate multiple factors and conditions. 

However, you need coding knowledge to execute these strategies or build any API.

III. Vested for US stock investment

vested logo

Angel Broking has collaborated with Vested (a US-based broker) to help you seamlessly invest in the US stock market at Zero brokerage.

Once you open a Demat account with Angel Broking, you have to create a US trading account with Vested in the US stocks section.

Upstox doesn’t offer US stock investment at present.

Winner – Angel Broking

Angel Broking vs Upstox Education Platforms

#1. Upstox Youtube

Upstox has a dedicated Youtube channel that is focused on stock investment as well as trading education and along with that you can also watch daily market trends analysis regularly.

Upstox has collaborated with many of India’s top Finfluencers like Pranjal Kamra, and CA Rachna Ranade, to educate their viewers about stock investment.

#2. Angel Broking Youtube

Angel One also has a youtube channel that covers a wide range of topics such as stock market investment, options trading, technical analysis, indices analysis and many more.

Another unique thing about Angel broking is that they also have tutorials in regional languages such as Kannada, Malayalam, Bangla, Marathi and a couple of others regional languages.

Angel Broking vs Upstox Customer Support

Angel Broking is a full-service broker that offers you a relationship manager (RM) for advisory tips along with taking care of other support issues. Apart from advisory tips you can also contact regular customer support for your concerns. 

You can also reach out to the nearest offline Angel Broking Office in your city since Angel Broking has more than 11,000 sub-brokers and franchises in most of the major cities in India.

Whereas Upstox being a discount broker doesn’t provide the facility of RM, secondly, their customer support is also of a mediocre level which they really need to work on.

Let’s discuss the escalation matrix and offline addresses of both brokers.

#1. Angel Broking

I. Escalation Matrix

You can contact Angel Broking customer support on all working days between 8.30 AM to 5.30 PM. I have shared the Angel Broking (Angel One) Escalation Matrix in the table below.

Escalation LevelDesignationContact Number.Email Id
Level 1Customer Care08047480048[email protected]
Level 2Head of Customer Care08047480048[email protected]
Level 3Compliance Officer08047480048[email protected]
Level 4CEO08047480048[email protected]

II. Offline Correspondence Address

A. Regional Office

601, 6th Floor, Ackruti Star, 

Central Road, MIDC, 

Andheri East, Mumbai – 400093

Or you can Google Angel Broking franchise branch in your city as well for in-person support.

We have also updated our list of best demat and trading accounts in India that will aware you of the best brokers in India apart from these two.

#2. Upstox Customer support 

I. Escalation Matrix

You can contact Upstox customer support on all working days between 8 AM to 5 PM. The Upstox Customer Support Escalation Matrix is mentioned below.

Escalation LevelDesignationContact Number.Email Id
Level 1Customer Care022 4179 2999
022 6904 2291
022 7130 9991
[email protected]
Level 2Head of Customer Care022 4179 2936
022 7114 6936
[email protected]
Level 3Compliance Officer022 7114 6955
022 4179 2955
[email protected]
Level 4CEO022 7114 6941
022 4179 2941
[email protected]

Winner – Angel Broking

II. Offline Correspondence Address

30th Floor, SunshineTower,

Senapati Bapat Marg, Dadar(W), 

Mumbai, Maharashtra 400013

Final Verdict

In my opinion, if you are a newcomer who wants to have hand-holding in his stock investment and trading decisions, then you should go for an Angel One (Angel Broking) Demat account. But make sure you go with the iTrade Prime plan only, otherwise, you will end up paying a huge chunk of money as a brokerage with their regular plans.

If you are more into intraday or options trading, then the Upstox Demat account is a better option with low brokerage, a robust trading app and readymade options strategies to level up your options trading game.

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