How To Withdraw And Add Money From Zerodha

To withdraw money from your Zerodha trading account, you need to place a payout request. Payouts refer to the transfer of funds from your Zerodha trading account to your bank account. 

You can initiate a payout request using Zerodha’s Kite app, Kite web, or Console. Once you have initiated a payout request, Zerodha will process it based on cut-off time which is explained in section below.

How To Withdraw Money from Zerodha Account 

You can follow these simple steps to withdraw funds from your Zerodha account through Kite app, Kite web, or Console:

#1. Withdraw Money from Zerodha Through Kite App

Step #1. Log in to your Kite mobile app using your credentials.

Step #2. Tap on your user ID.

Step #3. Click on “My Account” and then select “Funds.”

my account then funds

Step #4. Click on “Withdraw”.

withdrawal request on kite app

Step #5. Enter the amount to be withdrawn and tap on “Continue”.

enter amount then continue

Step #6. Verify the withdrawal details and “confirm” the request.

click on confirm

#2. Withdraw Money from Zerodha Through Kite Web 

Step #1. Log in to your account and go to the “Funds” section.

Step #2. Click on “Withdraw”.

on kite web click on fund and withdraw

Step #3. Enter the amount to be withdrawn and click on “Continue”.

Step #4. Then click on “confirm” the request.

#3. Withdraw Funds from Zerodha using Console 

To withdraw funds from Zerodha using Console, follow these simple steps:

Step #1. Log in to your Zerodha Console account.

Step #2. Click on the “Funds” option located on the top navigation bar.

on console funds and withdraw

Step #3. Click on the “Withdrawal” option.

Step #4. Enter the amount you want to withdraw.

enter amount and continue

Step #5. Click on “Continue” and then “Confirm” to complete the withdrawal request.

withdraw placed request

Once your withdrawal request is successfully processed, the funds will be credited to your registered bank account by the evening.

Things You Must Know

  • If you add funds to your account during the day, you cannot withdraw them on the same day.
  • If your account balance decreases after the end-of-day trade process, your withdrawal request may be rejected or a lower amount may be transferred.

Cut-Off Time for a Fund Withdrawal Request with Zerodha

Zerodha processes fund withdrawal requests based on specific cut-off times as shown in the table below.

If a request is made before the cut-off time, the funds will usually be credited to the bank account within 24 hours from the cut-off time. 

However, if the request is made after the cut-off time, an additional working day (up to 48 hours in total) may be required for the funds to be credited to the bank account.

Withdrawal DayCut-off time for equity, FO, currencyCut-off time for commodity
Weekday10:00 PM8:00 AM
Saturday4:30 PM4:00 PM
Sunday or Public HolidayWithdrawal is processed on the next working day.Withdrawal is processed on the next working day.

If you have not received your funds yet, you have the option to raise a ticket for the same.

Funds Withdrawal After Selling Shares or Closing Positions

You can only withdraw funds from your trading account if they are available in the Withdrawable balance. 

Withdrawable balance is the money that can be transferred from Zerodha account to the primary bank account. It represents the available balance for withdrawal after considering any unsettled trades or pending obligations.

After selling shares or closing positions, you can only withdraw the money once the trades have been settled. In Indian exchanges, the settlement cycle for all trading instruments is T+1 day, where T represents the trading day. 

So, you can withdraw the funds only after one day of the trading day.

For Example (Equity segment)

Buying shares

  • On Monday T day – You purchase shares.
  • On Tuesday T+1 day – The shares will be credited to your demat account by the end of Tuesday. 

Selling Shares

  • Suppose you sell shares on Monday (T day).
  • The funds will be credited to your trading account by the end of Tuesday (T+1 day). You can withdraw these funds from the trading account after Tuesday evening.

Example of F&O segment

  • If you initiate a long/short futures or short position on Monday (T day).
  • The credit obligation of funds, in the form of Mark to Market (MTM) or premium, will be settled to your trading account by the end of Tuesday (T+1 day). These funds can only be withdrawn from the trading account after Tuesday evening.

Zerodha Fund Withdrawal Charges

Zerodha does not charge any fees for fund withdrawals, making the process completely free. You can withdraw any amount that is above Rs 100 within your account balance without incurring any charges.

How To Add Money in Zerodha

You can add money in Zerodha using three different methods. 

#1. Add Money in Zerodha using UPI on Kite Web

You can transfer the funds up to Rs. 2 lakhs for free using UPI. 

Follow these steps to add money to your Zerodha account using UPI on Kite web:

Step #1. Go to the Funds tab.

Step #2. Click on Add funds.

Step #3. Enter the desired amount and choose UPI as the Payment mode.

Step #4. Enter your UPI ID linked to your bank account that is registered with Zerodha.

add funds through UPI

Step #5. Now, you will receive a collect request from Zerodha on your UPI app.

Step #6. Enter your UPI PIN and confirm the transaction. Do not initiate a new transfer to Zerodha’s VPA UPI ID from the UPI app. Only make the payment from the collect request.

Step #7. You will see the funds reflected instantly in your account under the Pay-in section in the Funds tab.

#2. Add Funds Using Instant Payment Gateway

You will be charged a payment gateway fee of Rs. 9 plus 18% GST per transfer when you add funds to your Zerodha account. It is important to note that the minimum amount you can add is Rs. 50.

Here are the steps for adding funds through net banking on Zerodha Kite:

Step #1. Click on the ‘Funds’ tab and select ‘Add funds’.

add fund

Step #2. Enter the amount you wish to transfer and choose the segment (equity or commodity).

Step #3. Select the primary or secondary bank.

Step #4. Choose Netbanking as the payment mode and click on ‘Continue’.

add funds through netbanking

Step #5. Authorize the transfer on the net banking portal. If you face any issues, contact your bank’s customer support for assistance.

Step #6. After the payment is authorized, a window will pop up shortly displaying the transaction details and status.

fund add successfully

#3. Add Money in Zerodha Using IMPS/NEFT/RTGS/Cheque

To transfer money to Zerodha, you need to add Zerodha as a beneficiary (payee) in your internet banking portal. Please find below the bank account numbers you will need to use:

NSE/BSE (Equity, F&O, Currency)MCX (Commodities)
Bank nameHDFC BankHDFC Bank
Account numberZERNSEZERMCX
Account typeCurrent accountCurrent account
Bank branchSandoz Branch, MumbaiSandoz Branch, Mumbai

Zerodha’s bank account numbers consist only of alphabets, which is different from the usual bank account numbers that contain digits. However, if your bank does not allow accounts that have alphabets, you can use the alternate account details provided below:

NSE/BSE (Equity, F&O, Currency)MCX (Commodities)
Bank NameHDFC BankHDFC Bank
Account Number5750000030201005230340002150
Account typeCurrent accountCurrent account
Bank BranchHDFC Bank, Richmond Road, BangaloreHDFC Bank, Richmond Road, Bangalore

Below is the specified duration for IMPS/RTGS/NEFT transfers:

MethodTime takenCharges
IMPSWithin 10 minutesFree at Zerodha, bank charges may apply
NEFT/RTGSWithin 2 hoursFree at Zerodha, bank charges may apply

In case you do not see the funds in your Zerodha account within the specified timeline, please create a ticket.


If you have any question regarding how to withdraw money from Zerodha, let me know in the comment section below.

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