Wisdom Capital Review 2024

Wisdom Capital, founded in 2013, is running on the discount broking model. Their brokerage plans hint that the stockbroker is targeting the whole of the trader community, right from entry-level traders to professional traders with deep pockets. 

Let’s dig deeper to understand whether Wisdom Capital’s services fit your investment and trading needs. 

Wisdom Capital

Wisdom Capital Account Opening Charges & AMC

#1. Account Opening Charges

Wisdom Capital offers 2-in-1 accounts (trading & demat) with zero account opening service. 

Account TypeCharges
Trading Account Opening ChargesFree
Demat Account Opening ChargesFree

#2. Account Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC)

Wisdom Capital charges zero AMC fees in trading accounts and a low Rs. 999 one-time charge for lifetime AMC fees under a demat account. 

The zero account opening and low lifetime AMC charge says your overall trading costs and relieve you from paying yearly AMC fees. 

Trading Account AMCFree
Demat Account AMCRs.999 + GST (One-time charges for a lifetime)

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Wisdom Capital Brokerage Charges 

Wisdom capital offers two plans with different brokerage rates. 

#1. Freedom Plan

Freedom plan offers zero brokerage charges on all trading segments. 

Trading TypeBrokerage Charges
Equity DeliveryRs. 0 (Free)
Equity IntradayRs. 0 (Free)
Equity FuturesRs. 0 (Free)
Equity OptionsRs. 0 (Free)
Currency F&ORs. 0 (Free)
MCX Commodity Rs. 0 (Free)
Call & Trade Charges Rs. 20 per order + GST

As per our telephone conversation, the freedom plan will be discontinued but the Website of wisdom capital supports the freedom plan. They will only continue the pro plan. 

#2. Pro Plan

The pro plan offers 0.01% brokerage on equity delivery and intraday. For equity futures and options and commodities, charge Rs. 5 per order. 

For example, if you trade worth Rs. 10 Lakhs in a single trade then the brokerage charges come to Rs. 10 Lakhs x 0.01 / 100 = Rs. 100. which is higher than Rs. 20 charged by Zerodha. 

Trading TypeBrokerage Charges
Equity Delivery0.01%
Equity Intraday0.01%
Equity FuturesRs 5 per trade
Equity OptionsRs 5 per trade
Currency F&ORs 5 per trade
MCX Commodity Rs 5 per trade
Call & Trade Charges Rs. 20 per order + GST

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Wisdom Capital Margin/Exposure

As per SEBI regulations on peak margins from 1st September 2021, Wisdom Capital offers leverage up to 5X in MIS, BO, and CO for equity intraday trading. 

Equity IntradayUp to 5X in MIS/BO/CO
Equity DeliveryUp to 5X in MIS/BO/CO
Equity FuturesUp to 1.33 times in MIS/BO/CO
Equity OptionUp to 1.33 times in MIS/BO
F&O (Currency & Commodities)Up to 1.33 times in MIS

Wisdom Capital Trading Platform 

Wisdom Capital offers various trading platforms to its clients.

#1. Wisdom NEO – Wisdom Capital Mobile Trading App

Wisdom Neo

Wisdom Neo helps you to manage portfolios, watchlists, research, and trade stocks from mobile. The salient features include – Intensive watch list of 300 stocks and the facility to create predefined watchlists like Nifty 50, Nifty 100, Bank Nifty, Sensex, and MCX.

The Neo app is powered with indicators like open, low, close, 52 weeks high, and circuit limit data.

#2. Wisdom Trade – Web/browser-based Trading Platform

The Wisdom Trade platform can be accessed on any device that has an internet connection. You can start trading directly by logging into the trade area through the website. 

You can use various chart types like Bar, Candle, Colored Bar, Hollow Candle, Line, Mountains, and indicators for market & stock analysis.

Wisdom Trade is a web-based platform that offers; 

  • Unique order book system that lets you view even past orders.
  • Multiple watch lists for scripts.
  • Complete data analysis for FII and DII.

#3. XTS Trader – Desktop-Based Online Trading Platform

XTS trader

Wisdom XTS trading platform gives you instant access to online trading and analysis of equity, derivatives & commodities. The XTS Trader platform works best for PCs running on the Windows operating system.  

XTS Trader platform allows you to;

  • Place orders to stock exchanges without delays.
  • Gives the option to create multiple watch lists.
  • Use Scanners with better filtering options.
  • Receive and send internal alerts and messages.

#4. Fox Trader – Wisdom Capital Desktop Trading Terminal 


Fox Trader is for professional traders who are looking for advanced trading tools.

You need to download the executable software on your desktop. The trading terminal is loaded with advanced features like chart analysis, technical indicators, live tick screening and algorithm designing, generation of trade signals, and execution of automated orders.

Unique features of Fox Trader are;  

  • Multiple Scanners with 200+ conditions/signals and 300 + studies.
  • The semi-automatic order book for pre-placement of orders.
  • API integration for advanced charts and paced-up orders execution.
  • End-of-Day Technical Analysis.

#5. Wisdom Power – Desktop-Based Online Trading Terminal

wisdom power

Wisdom Power’s online trading terminal provides direct connectivity to the NSE, one of India’s leading stock exchanges. With this revolutionary trading platform, investors can take advantage of live data feeds from the NSE and efficiently execute trades in a stance.

Unique features of WisdomPower include;

  • Quick access to a horde of information may prove highly beneficial to a trader with a keen eye.
  • Fetch data, technical patterns, or breakouts with uncompromising ease.
  • Functions include index meter, market dynamics, heat maps, FII-DII data, latest deals (bulk deals or block deals), and recent RBI rates.
  • User-defined sections based on sectors, indices, and derivatives.

Check out our article on the best technical analysis software in India to know about other technical analysis software available in the market.

Wisdom Capital Customer Support

Wisdom capita is a discount broker providing average customer service as compared to Zerodha discount brokers in India. Wisdom Capital failed to provide accurate information on its website and it’s not up-to-date as well.

SegmentsCustomer Care NumberEmail ID
New Account Opening1800-123-9343[email protected]
Call & Trade1800-123-9343[email protected]
Fund, Margin & RMS1800-123-9343[email protected]
IT Support1800-123-9343[email protected]
Any Complaint Issue1800-123-9343[email protected]
For Suggestion1800-123-9343[email protected]


For beginner traders, Wisdom Capital has a zero brokerage Freedom Plan that helps them learn risk-free trading.

The Pro Plan with 5X margins at the cost of 0.01% brokerage is best suited for intermediate-level traders with a few months to a year of trading experience.

If you have any queries regarding Wisdom Capital, let me know in the comment section.

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