What is T1 in Zerodha

T1 in Zerodha is the holding summary of the shares that you bought but have not yet credited into your Zerodha Demat account. 

T stands for the trading day on which you placed the buying order. T+1 or T1 means that trade settlements must be done within one day of the transaction’s completion. 

Earlier In India, the T+2 settlement cycle for stocks was followed which means the stocks will be delivered to your Demat account by evening after 2 days (trading days) of purchase. 

For example, if you buy 100 shares of ITC on Monday, the shares will be added to your Demat account by Wednesday evening.

But from 25 Feb 2022, T1 settlement has been started with the bottom 100 stocks according to their market valuation. After that, 500 more stocks from the bottom have been added every last Friday of subsequent months, until every stock is placed under the new settlement system.

The full T+1 settlement for the last batch i.e NSE 50 stocks may get implemented by January 2023.

Can I sell t1 shares in Zerodha 

Yes, you can sell the T1 shares in Zerodha on the next day i.e T+1 day, and not the same day. For example, if you buy 100 shares of ITC on Monday, you can sell them on Tuesday. 

But when you sell before t+2 there is always run a risk of shortage and thus short delivery. 

How to Sell T1 Shares in Zerodha 

  • Login to your Zerodha Demat account 
  • Under the holdings section, you can see the T1 holding along with other holdings 
  • Click on the 3 dots near the stock name 
  • Choose the exit option 
  • Your holdings will be sold after authorization through CSDL PIN and code received from CSDL by SMS or email.

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