Sensex 30 Companies Weightage

Sensex 30, also known as the BSE Sensex or BSE 30, represents the performance of the top 30 companies listed on India’s Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

Sensex is the benchmark stock market index for the Indian equity market’s performance.

The S&P BSE Index Committee selects the stocks in Sensex based on five criteria. 

These criteria are as follows:

#1. Listing on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE): Companies must be listed on the BSE, one of the major stock exchanges in India.

#2. Large or Mega-cap stocks: The Sensex includes companies with significant market capitalization, either large or mega-cap stocks.

#3. Liquidity: Stocks included in the Sensex should demonstrate sufficient liquidity, ensuring ease of trading and investment.

#4. Earnings from core activities: The selected companies must generate earnings from their core business activities, reflecting their operational performance.

#5. Sector balance: The Sensex composition considers the need to maintain a balanced representation of various sectors in alignment with the country’s overall equity market.

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BSE Sensex 30 Sector Weightage List 2023

Sensex 30 companies cover 18 sectors to provide a diverse representation of the Indian stock market.

The banking sector holds the highest weightage of 31.86% in the index.

Sensex sector weightage
IT Consulting & Software14.61%
Integrated Oil & Gas11.84%
Personal Products7.29%
Furniture, Furnishing,Paints5.43%
Construction & Engineering4.13%
Cars & Utility Vehicles3.35%
Housing Finance3.17%
Telecom Services2.84%
Holding Companies2.42%
Electric Utilities2.35%
Furniture, Furnishing, Paints1.89%
Cement & Cement Products1.26%
Iron & Steel/Interm.Products1.26%
Finance (including NBFCs)1.18%
Packaged Foods1.12%

Sensex 30 Companies List with Weightage (As of May 2023)

In the Sensex, each stock is assigned a unique weightage based on its free-float market capitalization, with higher market cap stocks receiving higher weightage in the index.

Free-float market capitalization refers to the total market value of a company’s publicly traded shares that are available for trading. 

This methodology ensures that the Sensex accurately reflects the contribution of each constituent stock to the overall index performance.

Sr. No. NameIndustryWeightage
1.Reliance Industries Ltd.Integrated Oil & Gas11.95%
2.HDFC Bank Ltd.Banks10.38%
3.ICICI Bank Ltd.Banks9.37%
4.Hindustan Unilever Ltd.Personal Products7.10%
5.Infosys Ltd.IT Consulting & Software6.5%
6.ITC Ltd.Cigarettes,Tobacco Products5.48%
7.TCS IT Consulting & Software4.79%
8.Larsen & Toubro Ltd.Construction & Engineering4.16%
9.Kotak Mahindra BankBanks4.1%
10.Axis BankBanks 3.43%
11.HULHousing Finance3.23%
13.Bharti AirtelTelecom Services2.8%
14.Bajaj FinanceHolding Companies2.46%
15.Asian PaintsFurniture, Furnishing, Paints1.97%
16.Maruti Suzuki IndiaCars & Utility Vehicles1.72%
17.Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.Cars & Utility Vehicles1.68%
18.Titan CoOther Apparels & Accessories1.65%
19.HCL TechIT Consulting & Software1.62%
20.Sun PharmaPharmaceuticals1.52%
21.UltraTech CementCement & Cement Products1.27%
22.Tata SteelIron & Steel/Interm.Products1.27%
23.NTPCElectric Utilities1.2%
24.Power GridElectric Utilities1.19%
25.Bajaj FinservFinance (including NBFCs)1.19%
26.Nestle IndiaPackaged Foods1.14%
27.IndusInd BankBanks1.01%
28.Tech MahindraIT Consulting & Software0.94%
29.Dr Reddy’s LabsPharmaceuticals0.87%
30.WiproIT Consulting & Software0.81%

It is important to note that the weightage of each company in the Sensex can change over time, depending on its performance and the prevailing market conditions.

The top 10 stocks represent almost 66.06% of the total weightage of Sensex 30 companies. The other 20 stocks also have their respective weightage, but their contribution to the index is relatively less.


Which Sensex stock has the highest weightage?

In the Sensex 30 index, Reliance Industries Ltd. holds the highest weightage among the constituents of 30 stocks, with a weightage of 11.95% in May 2023.

How many companies are in the Sensex 30 Index?

Sensex 30 index consists of top performing 30 companies selected on the basis of its free-float market capitalisation.

Can I invest in Sensex through mutual funds?

Yes, you can invest in Sensex through mutual funds that track the performance of the index.

Which sector has the maximum weightage in Sensex 30?

The banking sector holds the highest weightage of 31.86% in the Sensex 30.

In what frequency sensex calculation is done?

The Sensex is calculated in real-time during market hours and updated every 15 seconds.

What is the base year for Sensex 30?

The base year of Sensex is 1978-79 and the base value is 100 index points.

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