Top 10 Most Expensive Share In India 2023

I prefer Jockey for undergarments and socks over other brands because of their quality and comfort. But I didn’t know that Jockey is the second most expensive stock in India until I started my investing journey. 

Basically, Jockey is a brand and its parent company “Page Industries” which owns Jockey among the highest share price in India.

Do you know which is the most expensive share in India?

MRF share is the most expensive share in India, currently traded at approx Rs 91,300. MRF is popular for being the biggest tyre manufacturer in India. But you might not be knowing that tyre manufacturing was not MRF’s initial business. 

MRF was originally started as a small manufacturing unit producing balloons. Along with that they also used to make latex toys and industrial gloves.

In a similar way, when I started my research on the top 10 most expensive shares in India. Most of the companies on this list are the ones whose products we use daily.

Providing solutions to our daily lives chores could be a reason these companies are so much success and their share prices are skyrocketing.

Without any further ado, let’s discuss our list of the most expensive shares in India.

Disclaimer: I do not recommend any particular stock. The stock names mentioned in this article are purely on a current share price basis. Take your own decision before investing. 

Top 10 Most Expensive Shares In India

The stock prices are as on 14th Dec 2022.

Stock NameCurrent Share PriceMarket Cap (in crores)
MRF Rs. 91,299Rs. 38,623 Cr.
Page IndustriesRs. 45,201Rs. 51,194 Cr.
Honeywell Automation (HAIL)Rs. 42,537Rs. 36,726 Cr.
Shree CementsRs. 24,350Rs. 88,186 Cr.
3M IndiaRs. 23,245Rs. 26,045 Cr.
Abbott IndiaRs. 20,503Rs. 43,425 Cr.
Nestle IndiaRs. 20,058Rs. 1,95,162 Cr.
Bosch Rs. 17,599Rs. 51,663 Cr.
P&G HygieneRs. 14,090Rs. 46,271 Cr.
Kama Holdings LtdRs. 13,800Rs. 8,799 Cr.

#1. MRF Limited (Share Price Rs. 91,299)

MRF share

Incorporated in 1960, MRF (Madras Rubber Factory) is the largest tyre manufacturer in India with a market share of 29% in the tyre industry.

90% of its revenue comes from automobile tyre sales and 4% from selling tubes. MRF tyre exports grew by 33% in the current year as compared to FY 2021.

MRF is the only company in India to develop world-class formula car tyres, rally tyres for tarmac & dirt, along with motocross tyres. MRF is the major promotor of different versions of car racing contests in India.

Apart from making tyres, MRF is also in toy manufacturing under the brand name “Funskool”.

MRF is also evaluated as no. 6 amongst the top 10 strongest brands in India as per ICRA’s report.

Important stats and ratios

Market CapRs. 38,623 Cr.
Industry Tyres
Stock P/E68.0
52 Week HighRs. 96,000
52 Week LowRs.63,000
3-year return 48.04%
5-year return33.52%

#2. Page Industries (Share Price Rs. 45,201)

Page Industries

Started in 1995, Page Industries is the exclusive licensee of Jockey International for manufacturing, distribution and marketing of the Jockey brand in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and the UAE.

JOCKEY is the company’s flagship brand in the innerwear category. Under the jockey brand, the product portfolio includes underwear, handkerchiefs, caps, towels, socks and thermals. 

Page Industries has opened 211 exclusive brand outlets across India along with an online presence on Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, and Nykaa, for wider coverage across different segments.

Another popular brand in the Page industries is Speedo which is an industry leader in the swimwear segment.

Important stats and ratios

Market CapRs. 51,194 Cr.
Industry Textiles – Readymade Apparel
Stock P/E69.7
52 Week HighRs. 96,000
52 Week LowRs.63,000
3-year return 48.04%
5-year return33.52%

#3. Honeywell Automation (HAIL) (Share Price Rs. 42,537)

Honeywell automation

Honeywell Automation India Limited (HAIL) is a leader in providing integrated automation and software solutions.

Honeywell automation caters its services to various sectors like Aerospace, Smart Cities, Chemical Industries, Healthcare, Manufacturing Industries, Retail, and Security.

HAIL is also into fire detection systems, security systems, CCTV systems & perimeter control systems under the security & safety segment.

Honeywell Automation has an elite set of customers like ITC Hotels, Mahindra and Mahindra, Kirloskar Oil Engines and a few more.

A Fortune 500 company has bagged major projects in the past years that include –

  • 100 Smart Cities – Building Solutions
  • Electricity/Water/Gas Distribution – Process Automation
  • Modernization of Railways/Metros/Airports – Construction and Upgradation

Important stats and ratios

Market CapRs. 36,726 Cr.
Industry Telecommunications 
Stock P/E96.07
52 Week HighRs. 46,397
52 Week LowRs. 30,185 
3-year return 58.83%
5-year return141.83%

#4. Shree Cement (Share Price Rs. 24,350)

Shree Cement

Shree Cement is the 3rd largest cement producer in India with an installed capacity of 43.4 MTPA (Million Tonnes Per Annum).

Shree Jung Rodhak and Bangur Cement are the most popular brands of this cement company. Other brands are Roofon, Bangur Power and Rock strong.

Shree Cement is one of the lowest-cost cement producers in India on account of being one of the lowest consumers of fuel per tonne. 

Because Shree Cement generates 80%-85% of its power from captive power plants such as waste heat recovery system (WHRS) plants and renewable energy plants resulting in low power costs. 

Important stats and ratios

Market CapRs. 88,186 Cr.
Industry Cement
Stock P/E55.05
52 Week HighRs. 27,936
52 Week LowRs. 17,865
3-year return 20.28%
5-year return41.79%

#4. 3M India (Share Price Rs. 23,245)

3M India

Remember Scotch Brite?

A scrub pad used in most Indian kitchens for utensil cleaning is a product of 3M India. 

The Company was incorporated under Nav Electromed Pvt. Ltd. on 4th June 1987.  The name was later changed to Birla 3M Pvt. Ltd.

In 2002, the Company name again changed to 3M India from Birla 3M.

In 2010, 3M India filed 13 patents & launched 23 new products for the Indian market including glare protection filters for laptops and computer screens.

3M India operates in four operating segments – Safety & Industrial, Transportation & Electronics, Health Care and Consumer. 

  • Scotch – Cleaning and Protection 
  • Littmann® – Stethoscopes and Surgicals
  • Nexcare – Bandages & Dressings
  • Post It – Stickable notes and Flags 
  • Command – Hanging hooks and Organisers

Important stats and ratios

Market CapRs. 26,045 Cr.
Industry Diversified
Stock P/E70.75
52 Week HighRs. 26,943
52 Week LowRs. 17,273
3-year return 6.88%
5-year return47.05%

#6. Abbott India (Share Price Rs. 20,503)


Have you ever been troubled with hyperacidity in your stomach and your parents must have suggested you “Diegene pee ley”. A famous antacid available in most Indian households, that’s an Abbot product. 

Other popular brands are Bruffen, Pediasure, and Similac.

Established in 1910, Abbott India is one of the oldest healthcare companies in India. The company is a part of Abbott Laboratories USA, a multinational healthcare company present in 160+ countries globally with a legacy of 130+ years.

Abbot offers over 125 products across various therapeutic segments such as 

  • Women’s health, 
  • Central nervous system (CNS), 
  • Multi-speciality (Pain management, insomnia, and nutritional supplements), 
  • Vaccines, 
  • Consumer health.

Abbot also had a 10% market share in the total vaccine segment in India as per FY 2021 report.

Important stats and ratios

Market CapRs. 43,425 Cr.
Industry Pharmaceuticals
Stock P/E49.25
52 Week HighRs. 20,900
52 Week LowRs. 15,514
3-year return 60.12%
5-year return262.14%

#7. Nestle India (Share Price Rs. 20,058)

Nestle India

Nestle India is an Indian subsidiary of Switzerland-based company Nestle which is the world’s largest food company on a revenue basis.

Maggi is the most popular brand of Nestle group capturing 60% market share of India under the instant cooking noodle segment.

Nestle is among the top two players (after Cadbury) in product categories and revenue generation discussed below – 

  • Milk products and nutrition – Milkmaid, Everyday, Lactogen, Cerelac
  • Beverages – Nescafe, Insta Coffee, Ice tea
  • Prepared dishes and cooking aid – Maggi, Ketchup and sauces
  • Chocolate and confectionery –  Kit Kat, Munch, Bar-one. Alpino, Milkybar.

Nestle has some brands which are No. 1 in the market in their respective segments such as Cerelac, Maggi, Nescafe, Everyday milk powder, and Kitkat.

Nestle generates 47% of its revenue from milk and nutrition products, 10% from beverages, 30% from prepared dishes and cooking aids, and 13% from chocolates plus confectionery.

Important stats and ratios

Market CapRs. 1,95,162 Cr.
Industry FMCG – Food Processing
Stock P/E90.14
52 Week HighRs. 21,050
52 Week LowRs. 16,000
3-year return 42.22%
5-year return155.54%

#8. Bosch (Share Price Rs. 17,599)


Bosch is a market leader in the Auto Ancillaries segment that covers fuel injection systems, mobility solutions (automotive aftermarket products), industrial equipment, electrical power tools, energy solutions and security systems.

58% of Bosch’s revenues come from mobility solutions along with that Bosch is the largest aftermarket chain providing multi-brand car service centres. 

Bosch also offers integrated solutions such as Axles in the powertrain segments including electric vehicles, passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and off-road vehicles.

In 2022, Bosch acquired a 26% stake in Autozilla Solutions Pvt Ltd to enter the spare parts B2B market.

Important stats and ratios

Market CapRs. 51,663 Cr.
Industry Auto Ancillaries
Stock P/E39.94
52 Week HighRs. 18,224
52 Week LowRs. 12,932
3-year return 15.1%
5-year return-10.4%

#9. Procter & Gamble (P&G) (Share Price Rs. 14,090)


Incorporated in 1964, P&G Hygiene and healthcare (a subsidiary of P&G USA) is India’s leading FMCG company in fem care and healthcare sector. 

Whether it’s Whisper, Vicks, Pampers, Tide or Oral-B, all these day-to-day products come from the house of P&G.

P&G India generates 68% of its revenue from hygiene products like Whisper and Pampers. 19% of the revenue comes from ointments like Vicks Vaporub. Rest 13% of revenue is generated from other brands like Olay, Tide, and Old spice.

Important stats and ratios

Market CapRs. 46,271 Cr.
Industry FMCG – Personal Care
Stock P/E90.4
52 Week HighRs. 16,448
52 Week LowRs. 12,801
3-year return 24.96%
5-year return47.46%

#10. Kama Holdings Ltd. (Share Price Rs. 13,800)

Kama Holdings

Kama Holdings Limited was established in 1970 as Shri Ram Fibres (SRF) Limited, with an initial focus on tyre cord fabrics manufacturing. In 2010, it renamed the parent company to Kama Holdings Ltd.

Kama Holdings has multiple diversified businesses such as -.

  • SRF Limited – technical textiles business, chemicals business, and packaging film business.
  • KAMA Realty (Delhi) Ltd – is committed to the business of acquisition and renting of properties.
  • Shri Educare Ltd. – is engaged in the field of education. 
  • SRF Transnational Holdings Ltd. – is an NBFC immersed in the investment in shares and other securities.

Kama Holdings subsidiary Shri Educare is highly active in opening child-centric schools that emphasize imparting value-based education. 

According to the company’s quarterly report, it has recorded a total of Rs. 3,919 Cr. as quarterly income for the September quarter of 2022.

Important stats and ratios

Market CapRs. 8,799 Cr.
Industry Diversified
Stock P/E7.00
52 Week HighRs. 14,600
52 Week LowRs. 8,310
3-year return 181.83%
5-year return331.38%

Final Words

The above-discussed most expensive shares are so much more premium than some US stocks like Apple Inc. which is priced at around 145 USD as compared to MRF which is approx. 1150 USD.

If you are interested in investing in US stocks to diversify your portfolio rather than investing the whole money in Indian shares, then you can check out our guides – How to invest in Apple shares in India and How to buy Hyundai shares in India.

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