ICICI Direct Demat Account Review

As per our research report on top 20 stockbrokers in India, ICICI Direct ranks fifth among the 266 SEBI registered stockbrokers as of March 31, 2023. 

ICICI Direct is a full service stock broker with an active client base of 23,33,088 as of March 2023. 

With ICICI Direct, you can invest and trade in stocks, derivatives, mutual funds, IPOs, ETFs, and bonds. You would also get stock investment tips, research, or Robo advisory services at ICICI Direct. 

ICICI Bank Demat Account

ICICI Direct offer three types of accounts:

#1. 3-in-1 Account

ICICI offers 3-in-1 accounts which combine the bank, trading, and demat accounts, enabling seamless transactions between them. It offers a convenient and integrated platform for trading and investing.

#2. 2-in-1 Account

The 2-in-1 account comprises a trading and demat account. If you already have an ICICI bank account then you can link your ICICI bank account to these demat and trading accounts, eliminating the need to open a new bank account with ICICI Bank.

This allows you to avoid opening a new bank account with ICICI bank to trade and invest with ICICIdirect.

#3. ICICIDirect NRI Trading Account

In addition to residents, ICICIDirect also offers NRI (Non-Resident Indian) trading accounts. NRIs can open an NRI 3-in-1 account, which includes a NRI Demat & trading account along with an NRI bank savings account. 

NRIs have the option to choose either a Portfolio Investment Scheme (PIS) or a non-PIS trading account. NRIs can invest in stocks, derivatives, mutual funds, and IPOs using advanced trading platforms and tools.

ICICI Direct Demat Account Charges & AMC

ICICI Direct charges zero for Demat & trading account opening. However, you need to pay annual maintenance charges (AMC) of Rs. 700 for the Demat account, which can be waived for ICICIdirect customers in the first year.

ICICI also offers different subscription based brokerage plans. You need to pay a subscription from Rs 299 to Rs 4999 depending upon the selected plan. 

SegmentsAccount opening & AMC Charges
Trading Account Opening ChargesZero (Free)
Demat Account Opening ChargesZero (Free)
Trading AMC ChargesZero (Free)
Demat AMC ChargesRs. 700 (waived for ICICIdirect customers for the first year)
Additional Plan FeeUp to Rs 4999, depending upon the plan

ICICI Direct Brokerage Charges

ICICI Direct offers four plans with different brokerage rates.

  • i-Secure Plan
  • ICICI Direct Prime Plan
  • ICICI Direct Neo Plan
  • Prepaid Brokerage Plan

#1. Brokerage charges under i-Secure Plan

ICICI i-Secure plan offers fixed percentage brokerage charges based on quarterly turnover.

ParticularsBrokerage Charges
Equity Delivery0.55%
Equity Intraday0.275% (second leg is not charged)
Equity Futures0.050% plus a flat brokerage of Rs. 50 on the second leg
Equity OptionsRs. 95 per lot plus a flat brokerage of Rs. 50 on the second leg
Currency F&ORs. 20 per order
Commodity F&ORs. 20 per order

The brokerage for Margin and Margin Plus under I – Secure Plan is 0.050%.

#2. Brokerage charges for ICICI Direct Prime plan

Prime PlanDelivery BrokerageIntraday/ FuturesEquity Options (per lot)Currency F&O (Per Order)Commodity F&O (Per Order)
Rs. 2990.27%0.027%Rs. 40Rs 20Rs 20
Rs. 9990.22%0.022%Rs. 35Rs 20Rs 20
Rs. 1,9990.18%0.018%Rs. 25Rs 20Rs 20
Rs. 2,9990.15%0.015%Rs. 20Rs 20Rs 20
Rs. 3,9990.12%0.012%Rs. 15Rs 20Rs 20
Rs. 4,9990.10%0.010%Rs. 10Rs 20Rs 20

#3. Brokerage charges for ICICI Direct Neo Plan

Under the Neo plan, you need to pay the one time subscription fee of Rs. 299. 

SegmentBrokerage Charges
Equity Delivery0.55%
Equity IntradayRs 20 per order
Equity FuturesRs 0 (free)
Equity OptionsRs 20 per order
Currency F&ORs 20 per order
Commodity F&ORs 20 per order

#4. Brokerage charges under Prepaid Brokerage plan

Prepaid ValueEquity DeliveryEquity Intraday & FuturesEquity Options (in Rs. Per lot)Currency F&O (per order)Commodity F&O (per order)
Rs. 2,5000.25%0.25%35/-Rs 20Rs 20
Rs. 5,0000.22%0.22%30/-Rs 20Rs 20
Rs. 12,5000.18%0.18%25/-Rs 20Rs 20
Rs. 25,0000.15%0.15%20/-Rs 20Rs 20
Rs. 50,0000.12%0.12%15/-Rs 20Rs 20
Rs. 1,00,0000.07%0.07%7/-Rs 20Rs 20

ICICI Direct Margin Leverage

As per SEBI regulations on peak margins from 1st September 2021, ICICIdirect offers up to 20% of the trade value (5x leverage) for intraday trading. 

SegmentICICI Direct
Equity Delivery100% of trade value (1x leverage)
Equity Intraday20% of trade value (5X leverage) 
F&O (Equity, Currency & Commodities)100% of NRML margin (Span + ELM) (1x leverage)

You may also like to read the lowest brokerage charges for intraday trading in India. 

ICICI Direct Trading Platforms

ICICI Direct provides three online trading platforms – 

#1. ICICIdirect.com Website

ICICIdirect website is the web-based trading platform offered by ICICIdirect. It provides a user-friendly interface with various features such as real-time market data, research reports, customizable watchlists, and trading across multiple segments like equity, derivatives, commodity, currency,  IPO, SIPs, mutual funds, and insurance.

#2. ICICIDirect Mobile App

ICICIdirect offers a mobile application available for both Android and iOS devices. The app allows you to trade and invest in stocks, commodities, currency, mutual funds, F&O, IPO, and FD/bonds, all in one place. 

You can access the real-time market information, place orders, view portfolio holdings, receive market alerts, and access research reports. 

For mutual funds investments, you need to pay Rs. 30 or 1.5% on SIP transactions and Rs. 100 fees on lumpsum investment.

ICICI Direct also offers two different mobile apps for different kinds of investment.  

A. ICICIDirect Market App

ICICIDirect offers a user-friendly and feature-rich trading app called “Markets App.” This interactive app allows you to trade in stocks, F&O, commodities, and IPOs. 

ICIC Direct Market App provides advanced live charting, Option Chain with Open Interest graphs, fast order placement, eATM feature for quick cash withdrawal from stock selling, and comprehensive equity and derivatives research. 

The app ensures security with biometric login and end-to-end encryption, making it a safe platform for trading on the go.

B. ICICIDirect Money App 

You can invest in mutual funds, ELSS, Sovereign Gold Bonds, FD/Bonds, ETFs, and insurance plans through the ICICI Direct Money app. You can access 38+ leading AMCs and use the expert recommendations and top-performing funds across equity, debt, hybrid, and ELSS categories. 

You can also invest in mutual funds for free with ICICIdirect Money App. You can start a SIP with as low as Rs. 100 per month or invest a lump-sum amount.

#3. Trade Racer (Trading Terminal)

Trade Racer is an installable desktop based trading terminal that offers advanced charting tools, technical indicators, market scanners, customizable layouts, and real-time streaming quotes. 

Trade Racer is suitable for active traders who require in-depth analysis and advanced trading features.

Pros of ICICI Direct Demat Account 

  • 3 in 1 Account opening facility
  • Multiple brokerage plans
  • Invest in mutual funds for free with ICICIdirect Money App
  • e-ATM facility to sell stocks and get cash instantly 
  • Loans on securities
  • Expert research calls and recommendations
  • Dedicated customer services

Cons of ICICI Direct Demat Account 

  • High brokerage fees across different plans.
  • NEO flat discount brokerage plan of Rs. 20 charges a one-time subscription fee of Rs. 299.
  • Mutual fund investment with ICICIDirect is not free, you need to pay a lower of Rs. 30 or 1.5% on SIP transaction and Rs. 100 fees on lumpsum investment.

ICICI Direct Customer Support

ICICI Direct has good customer support, providing assistance to you through multiple channels including phone and email. 

Their customer support team is known for being responsive and helpful in addressing queries, providing assistance with demat account-related issues, trading platform navigation, and resolving any technical difficulties faced by customers. 

  • ICICIDirect Customer Care Phone Number: 1860 123 1122
  • ICICIDirect Customer Support Email: [email protected]


What are the DP charges levied by ICICI Direct?

ICICI Direct charges a flat fee of Rs 25 per ISIN for debit transactions and Rs 5.5 per ISIN for credit transactions.

What is the minimum brokerage charged by ICICI Direct?

The minimum brokerage charged by ICICI Direct is Rs 20 per order in the Neo plan.

Is mutual fund investment free with ICICI Direct?

No, there are charges applicable for mutual fund investments, such as Rs. 30 or 1.5% on SIP transactions and Rs. 100 fees on lump sum investments.

What are the different brokerage plans offered by ICICI Direct?

ICICI Direct offers i-Secure Plan, Prime Plan, Neo Plan, and Prepaid Brokerage Plan with varying brokerage rates and features.

Is there an Annual Maintenance Charge (AMC) for ICICI Direct Demat Account?

Yes, there is an AMC fee of Rs. 700 for the Demat Account, which can be waived for ICICIdirect customers for the first year.

Does ICICI Direct provide investment advisory services?

Yes, ICICI Direct offers stock investment tips, research reports, and even Robo advisory services to assist investors in making informed decisions.

What are the STT charges levied by ICICI Direct?

The STT charges levied by ICICI Direct are as follows:

  • Equity delivery: 0.1% on the buy-side
  • Equity intraday: 0.025% on the sell-side
  • Equity futures: 0.01% on the sell-side
  • Equity options: 0.05% on the sell-side
  • Currency futures: 0.01% on the sell-side
  • Currency options: 0.05% on the sell-side
  • Commodity futures: 0.01% on the sell-side
What are the charges for Auto-square off in ICICI Direct?

ICICI Direct charges a flat fee of Rs 50 per segment for auto-square-off trades.

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  1. ICICI direct has the lowest cost lifetime NRI Prime Plna currently for Rs 3999 (without GST). Is this fee to be paid only once/lifetime or annually?

  2. Thank you Sri.Rajan Dhawan ji. Could you please confirm below :
    Whether the applicability of Brokerage charges ranging from Rs.299 to Rs.4999 for ICICI Direct Prime plan is also applicable to ICICI NEO customers too ? If yes, then icici neo customer’s brokerage charges will be reduced from 0.55% into 0.10% only, if they choose Rs.4999 option. In such a case, icici neo customers require to pay Rs.300 for Demat AMC every year whether they are using or not + Rs.900 for every year for Trading AMC if they not paid minimum transacting brokerage value of Rs.750/- per month (i.e) Those who are not using the platform frequently require to pay Trading AMC of Rs.75 per month and One Time payment of Rs.4999 for reduced brokerage structure of 0.10%. // So, Prime Customer need to pay Demat AMC Rs.700 + Trading AMC + Rs.900 Total Rs.1600/- Neo Customer needs to pay Demat AMC Rs.300 + GST + Trading AMC Rs.900 Total Rs.1200 /- every year. You may Kindly confirm, whether this information is correct or not ? and update in this article. Thank You sir


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