How To Use Zerodha Reward Points

Zerodha allows you to earn 300 reward points when your friend opens a Zerodha account using your referral link (your friend will also receive 300 points). Each Zerodha reward point’s redemption value varies from 30 paise to 1 rupee depending on redeeming option.

You also earn 10% of the brokerage that your referred friends pay while trading. But here’s a condition your friend has to activate the account within 60 days of accessing your referral link.

(Note- The 60 days condition is applicable on the 10% brokerage commission only, not on the reward points).

You can check your reward points in the “Rewards and referrals” section in the Zerodha Console portal.

Console dashboard

You can redeem your Zerodha reward points easily in two ways

  • Redeem against Zerodha AMC
  • Redeem against Zerodha’s Partnership Program

#1. Redeem against Zerodha AMC

Zerodha logo

You can redeem Zerodha reward points against Zerodha’s one-year demat account maintenance charges (AMC).

You need 1000 points to redeem for AMC. 

Reward points requiredBenefits
1000Free 1-year demat AMC worth Rs 300

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#2. Redeem Against Zerodha’s Partnership Program

I. Quicko (Tax Filing)


Quicko is a DIY (Do It Yourself) income tax return filing platform for hassle-free return filing. You get two options to redeem Zerodha reward points.

Reward points requiredBenefits
200Rs. 200 off on a 12-month Quicko Pro subscription (worth Rs. 1200 approx.) 
500Rs. 500 off on any Quicko Meet plan for personalised tax advice.
(varies from Rs. 1500 to Rs. 5000) 

II. Smallcase (Theme-based Investing)


Smallcase allows you to invest in professionally tailored stock baskets to invest in theme-based portfolios. Each smallcase reflects an idea, theme or strategy.

You can use Zerodha reward points to get the purchase fee on one smallcase waived off

Reward points requiredBenefits
300Purchase fee waiver on one smallcase
(Worth Rs. 100)

III. LearnApp

Learn app logo

LearnApp offers live classes, workshops and recorded courses on investing, trading, business management and other professional streams. 

Reward points requiredBenefits
300Rs. 500 off on a 3-month LearnApp subscription
(worth Rs. 5000 approx.) 
600Rs. 1000 off on a 12-month LearnApp subscription
(worth Rs. 10,000 approx.)

IV. Tickertape


Tickertape is a real-time stock market screener that provides you with in-depth data for stock research including important metrics like PE ratio, market capitalisation, dividend yield and many more.

Reward points requiredBenefits
650Tickertape Pro 6-month subscription (worth Rs. 650) 
1200Tickertape Pro 1-year subscription (worth Rs. 1200) 

V. Streak

Streak logo

Zerodha Streak is a platform that allows you to create, back-test the trading strategies, and semi-automate the trades in an easy manner without any coding knowledge required.

Reward points requiredBenefits
900Streak Premium 1-month subscription (worth Rs. 900) 
1400Streak Ultimate 1-month subscription (worth Rs. 1400) 

VI. Sensibull


Sensibull is India’s largest options trading platform that provides powerful trading tools like Free Option Chain, Open Interest, Free Market Analysis, and Positions Analysis for professional trading.

You can also use its virtual platform for learning & executing Options trading strategies without investing real money.

Reward points requiredBenefits
800Sensibull Lite 1-month subscription (worth Rs. 800) 
1300Streak Pro 1-month subscription (worth Rs. 1300) 

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How To Redeem Zerodha Reward Points

Step 1 – Visit Consol.Zerodha.Com (or click on Console in the profile section of the Kite app).

Console login

Step 2 – Login using your Kite user credentials

Step 3 – Click on your Zerodha Client ID in the top right corner

Step 4 – Click on ‘Rewards and referrals’ from the menu.

Console Profile Menu

Step 5 – You can see the accumulated reward points here on the dashboard. 

Console reward points

You can also click ‘View statement’ to check the previous transactions

Step 6 – Choose the service such as Quicko, that you want to get rewards redeemed for.

Zerodha rewards redemption options

Step 7 – Click the redeem button.

Note – You have to enter the App Code from Kite App while logging in Console for security reasons. So keep your Kite app open while accessing the Console.

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