How to Buy Hyundai Stock in India (Process Explained)

There’s no direct way to buy Hyundai shares in India because Hyundai stock is not listed on US stock exchanges. 

You can buy Hyundai stock by investing in an ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) that invests in Korean stocks on the US stock exchanges.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to buy Hyundai stock in India in step by step manner.

How to Buy Hyundai Stock in India

#1. Select a Broker

Choose a broker that allows you to invest in US stocks and ETFs at zero commission. New fintech startups like INDMoney app, and Groww offer low-cost investment in US stocks. 

You have to complete your KYC verification by uploading your Pan card and Aadhar card details.

After the KYC verification is done, your US trading account is opened instantly.

#2. Search ETF that Contains Korean Stocks

  • Open your US trading account platform and search “Korea” in the search bar.
  • Click on the ETF that contains Korean stocks as shown below.
Search Korean ETF
  • You can see the ETF has 3.18% holdings of Hyundai stock. The ETF will also allow you to invest in other top Korean stocks like Samsung Electronics, Kia Motors and similar ones. 

Let’s discuss the top 10 holdings of this ETF – 

Stock NameHoldings (in percentage)
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd.21.8%
SK Hynix Inc5.34%
Samsung SDI3.42%
LG Chemicals3.2%
Hyundai Motor3.18%
Naver Corp3.18%
Kia Corp2.49%
Posco Holdings2.21%
Kakao Corp2.21%
KB Financial Group2.11%

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#3. Add Funds

Click on “Add money” to deposit the required amount you want to invest in the ETF. 

Add money to INDMoney account

#4. Finalize Your Investment Method

Once the funds are added, you have to decide whether you want to invest a lumpsum amount or you want to start a SIP for recurring investments at regular intervals.

buy hyundai stock india

#5. Place Order

Once you have decided on your investment method, you can place your order and buy Hyundai stock in India through the “BlackRock iShares MSCI South Korea” ETF.

You can place the order anytime 24×7 from the platform but your order will be executed as soon as the market opens because ETFs are only traded when the market is open.

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Since there’s no way to invest directly in Hyundai stock, buying through ETF is still a great option. Your investment gets diversified because ETFs allow you to invest in multiple stocks of a particular segment rather than investing in a single stock.

If you want to invest in another automobile US stock, then go through our guide on how to invest in Tesla stock from India.

Disclaimer –This article is for informational purposes only. It’s not at all a stock or fund recommendation and should not be treated as a piece of investment advice.


#1. How do ETFs Differ from Mutual Funds?

ETFsMutual Funds
Allow you to buy multiple stocks or bonds in a particular market segment at once.Allow you to pool your money along with other investors to create a more diversified portfolio.
ETFs are traded on stock exchanges similar to stocks.Mutual funds are bought from fund houses that manage the pooled money.
ETFs can be traded during market hours only. You can buy or sell mutual funds at any time.
ETF prices keep on fluctuating on a real-time basis just like stocks.Mutual funds prices change once every day based on their net asset value.

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#2. ETFs vs Stocks?

ETF is a basket of assets like stocks, bonds, commodities like gold ETF and similar securities.A stock is a financial instrument that depicts ownership in a company.
ETF provides diversification to investors.You have to invest in multiple stocks to diversify the portfolio.
ETFs are less riskier than stocks because of the diversification across multiple stocks.Riskier as individual stock prices may fall due to unforeseen circumstances.
ETFs are passively managed fundsYou have to manage stock investment actively yourself or via a stock broking company that offers Portfolio Management Services.

#3. How Safe is it to Invest in US Stocks from India?

Your funds invested in US stocks are protected under the Securities Investor Protection Act (SIPA) and overlooked by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). 

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