Groww Vs Zerodha 2024 (Charges, Assets, & Support)

I opened my Zerodha account in 2014 and since then I am using the Zerodha account as my primary Demat account despite having other Demat accounts. I am pretty happy with my overall experience with Zerodha so far.

Zerodha is the best option for the Indian stock market for investing & trading purposes. You get free stock delivery & flat brokerage fee of Rs 20 on trading. You can trade in equity, currency & commodities in Zerodha. US stock investment option is not possible in Zerodha.

Groww is getting more popular in the last 2-3 years because of features like free account opening & providing US stock investment along with Indian stocks. You can invest in Indian stocks, mutual funds and US stocks in Groww.

You should go for Groww if you are looking to invest in the US stock market. Groww charge 0.05% on stock delivery & Rs 20 per trade on equity trading. Currency or Commodity trading is not possible in Groww.

Let’s compare Groww vs Zerodha for each key metric like brokerage charges, tools, user experience, and customer service to make an informed choice. 

Groww Vs Zerodha Tradable Assets

Groww offers you to trade in equities (stocks) only. You can do equity delivery, Intraday and F&O trading. You should go for Zerodha if you are also interested in currency or commodity trading.

Zerodha allows you to trade in all the segments –

  • Equity delivery 
  • Equity intraday
  • Equity F&O
  • Currency F&O
  • Commodity F&O

Groww has one advantage over Zerodha is that you can directly invest in US stocks via ViewTrade Securities (a US-based broker) through Groww. Groww’s US stock investment account is free without any account opening charges and offers zero brokerage on US stock trading along with no AMC charges.

Zerodha is purely focused on the domestic market and doesn’t provide US stock investing.

Groww Vs Zerodha Charges Comparison

#1. Account Opening Charges

Groww offers a free account whereas Zerodha charges Rs. 200 for an “Equity + Derivatives” account and an additional Rs. 100 for Commodity trading. Commodity trading is optional.

Trading TypeGrowwZerodha
Equity+DerivativesZeroRs. 200
CommoditiesNot AvailableRs. 100

Winner – Groww

#2. Account Maintenance Charges

Groww charges zero AMC fee whereas Zerodha charge Rs. 300 for the annual maintenance charge.

ZerodhaRs. 300

Winner – Groww

#3. Zerodha Vs Groww Brokerage Charges

Groww charges 0.05% up to Rs 20 on stock delivery trades whereas Zerodha doesn’t charge any fee on stock delivery.

Equity Delivery0.05% or Rs. 20 per order
(whichever is lower)
Equity Intraday0.05% or Rs. 20 per order
(whichever is lower)
0.03% or Rs. 20 per order
(whichever is lower)
Futures Trading ChargesFlat Rs. 20 per order0.03% or Rs. 20 per order
(whichever is lower)
Options Trading ChargesFlat Rs. 20 per orderFlat Rs. 20 per order
Auto Square Off ChargesRs. 50 per orderRs. 50 per order

If you are looking for a Demat account for long-term investment as well then Zerodha is a better option with Zero brokerage on equity delivery.

Intraday trading charges are the same for big trades in both, and Zerodha is good for small trade volumes.

For example, if you place an order of Rs 1 lakh then both brokers will charge Rs 20. But if you place an order of Rs 30,000 then Groww will charge Rs 15 and Zerodha will charge Rs 9.

Winner – Zerodha

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Groww Vs Zerodha User Experience

In my personal experience, Zerodha platforms have lesser glitches as compared to Groww, though Groww has improved its trading platform a lot in the last one-year.

Groww provides you with all your investment options such as stocks, mutual funds and US stocks on the dashboard making it easy to track all your investments in one place.

Groww Dashboard

Even the Groww mobile app is also easy to use. The whole app is simply divided into 4 sections –

  • The bottom sections are dedicated to investment types which are Stocks & Mutual funds.
  • The top section has two parts –
    • Explore – provides you with various stocks or mutual funds in which you can invest.
    • Dashboard – shows all your investments to track in one place.
Groww app user interface review

On the other hand, Zerodha has the Kite platform that allows you to invest in stocks only. You have to use Zerodha’s “Coin” platform or Coin app to invest in mutual funds or bonds.

I rarely do mutual funds or bonds transaction. For me, it’s plus points to have 2 different platforms for different investment assets that makes Zerodha Kite’s dashboard easy to use.

Zerodha Kite dashboard

While talking about the Zerodha app, I like its minimalistic interface. The whole app has 5 sections in total.

  • Watchlists – allows you to search+shortlist your favourite stocks and track their performance.
  • Orders – All your open and executed orders are shown here.
  • Portfolio – You can check your holdings and open positions here.
  • Tools – Advanced trading methods like Baskets, and SIPs, are available which we’ll discuss in the next section.
  • Profile – Your profile settings, Funds, and Backoffice portal “Console” can be checked here.
Zerodha Kite app interface

Zerodha also has a separate back-office platform “Console” where you can access your contract notes, trade book, P&L statement along with heat maps to analyse your historical strategies performance.

Read our list of the best desktop trading software in India to know about other top trading software in the market.

Winner: Zerodha

Note: If you do investment across all the investment assets and want a single dashboard to track all the investments then you would like the Groww platform more.

Groww Vs Zerodha Tools, Education, & Add-ons

#1. Groww Vs Zerodha Tools

Zerodha provides you with multiple tools like GTT orders, Baskets, stock SIPs and alerts to enhance your stock trading experience.

Groww doesn’t provide many options to customize your orders. However, you can utilize stock SIPs for automating your stock investments at regular intervals. Groww has recently launched GTT orders making stock investment more flexible and personalized for you.

Let me explain the benefit of these technologies for better understanding.

GTT Orders – You can use the Good till triggered (GTT) to execute an order (either buy or sell order) that would remain active in the exchange until the defined condition in that trigger is met. 

GTT orders save you time from constantly monitoring the market as the order gets executed automatically when the said condition is met.

Baskets – You get a utility feature in Zerodha Kite, called baskets, in which you can execute multiple orders at once. You can create multiple orders for the same or different stocks and place orders in one go.

You can also create multiple baskets in the Zerodha kite and save them for future orders.

Stock SIPs – SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) orders allow you to schedule your stock investment. This means you can create a basket, add your favourite stocks in which you want to invest, and schedule the investment to execute every month at the defined date & time.

Personalized Alerts – In Zerodha Kite Web, you can create personalized alerts based on several parameters to give you real-time notifications when something happens in the share market. You can select parameters from the list given below –

  • Quantity – Total buy & sell quantity
  • Volume traded
  • Last traded quantity

Winner – Zerodha

You can also go through our detailed Zerodha Review article for a further understanding of the pros and cons of the Zerodha demat account.

#2. Groww Vs Zerodha Education Platforms

Groww youtube channel

Groww has a dedicated Youtube channel to guide its users about stock investment as well as intraday trading. I found their way of teaching very simple, and full of live demos which is quite useful for a beginner.

Zerodha also has a Youtube channel but they are more focused on its in-house learning app “Varsity” and the Zerodha varsity section on its website. Varsity content is far better than many paid stock market courses for beginners. You get byte-sized information segregated in lessons in Varsity along with small quizzes at the end of each lesson.

You don’t need to have a Zerodha account to use Zerodha varsity.

Zerodha Varsity app


  • Text content – Zerodha
  • Youtube content – Groww

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#3. Groww Vs Zerodha Add-ons

Zerodha addon services

Zerodha is far ahead of Groww in terms of add-on services it provides to its customers.

#1. Zerodha Addons

Zerodha has collaborated with many other platforms to provide you with various add-on services for better trading or investing experience at additional cost.

The top 5 addon platforms that Zerodha has partnered with are discussed below –

  • Streak – If you are a professional trader, you would love streak as it will allow you to create or copy trading strategies, backtest them on paper trade and deploy the strategy in a live scenario immediately.
  • Smallcase – offers theme-based investing backed by experts that will diversify your portfolio and reduces the market volatility risk.
  • Sensibull – provides you with a virtual trading platform to create strategies for options trading. Sensibull helps you in finding profitable trades using advanced analytical tools & in-depth data.
  • GoldenPiAn easy-to-use platform to invest in NCDs or Bonds.
  • Ditto – helps you make informed decisions on Life and health insurance.

#2. Groww Addons

Groww still lacks partnership add-on programs if compared with Zerodha. Groww has two major partnerships – 

  • Smallcase – As discussed above, ideal for thematic and diversified stock investing.
  • ViewTrade – For seamless and low-cost US stock investment from India. 

Winner – Zerodha

Groww Vs Zerodha Customer Support

Both stockbrokers have issues with their customer support. But If we compare both brokers with each other, the Zerodha support team has a better response time than Groww. 

Groww trying to improve its customer support and now has a dedicated escalation matrix to resolve customer issues as mentioned in the table below. 

Designated OfficerContactEmail Id
Customer careCustomer Service9108800604
Mon to Fri (9 AM – 7 PM)
Sat (9 AM – 2 PM)
[email protected]
Head of Customer careMr. Sunil Bissa8046161210
Mon to Fri (9 AM – 7 PM)
[email protected]
Compliance OfficerMr. Boudhayan Ghosh8061933732
Mon to Fri (9 AM – 7 PM)
[email protected]
Designated DirectorMr. Santosh Jayaram01161195318
Mon to Fri (9 AM – 7 PM)
[email protected]

Zerodha is famous for its efficient customer support and it offers a 48 hours ticket window to resolve the customer issue. 

Zerodha Account OpeningZerodha Trading SupportZerodha Call & Trade
080 4719 2020 
080 7117 5337
080 4718 1888
080 4718 1999
080 4718 1888 

You can also raise a ticket from their support portal by selecting a relevant topic.

zerodha support

Groww Vs Zerodha – The Verdict

Zerodha and Groww both are top-rated discount brokers amount the top 20 stock broking companies in India.

If you looking to invest in US stocks along with Indian stocks then you should go with Groww. You also get a free Demat account with zero AMC charges.

In case, you are not looking to invest in US stock then I would suggest you go with Zerodha for better overall trading & long-term investment experience.

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