ET Money vs Groww

Groww is the fastest growing discount stock broker while ET Money is a mutual fund investment platform. 

Groww offers a diverse array of investment options, including stocks, F&O (Futures and Options), mutual funds, IPOs, Gold, and even opportunities in the US stock market.

ET Money facilitates investments in SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) funds, direct mutual funds, NPS (National Pension System), as well as health and term life insurance policies. 

Both platforms provide the advantage of commission-free mutual fund investments and offer competitive features.

If you want to invest in mutual funds through a stock broker you can check the list of best stock brokers for mutual funds investments. 

Let’s compare ET Money and Groww to help you determine which platform suits your investments needs best.

ET Money vs Groww: Charges

Both ET Money and Groww offer commission-free direct mutual fund investments, which means you can invest without paying any distributor fees.

Groww also offers free demat & trading account opening facility with Zero AMC charges. The only fee applicable on Groww is when you trade stocks. Groww charges a brokerage of Rs 20 or 0.05% of the order, whichever is lower in the case of equity delivery and intraday.

For F&O trading, Groww charges flat Rs. 20 per executed order. However, Groww does not support currency and commodity trading. 

ET MoneyGroww
Account openingZero Zero
Annual maintenance feeZeroZero
Mutual funds commissionZeroZero
Brokerage Not AvailableEquity brokerage – 0.05% or Rs. 20 per order (whichever is lower)
F&O brokerage – Flat Rs. 20 per order
Currency & Commodity Trading – Not Available 

ET Money vs Groww: Mutual Funds Investment

#1. Groww 

Groww has a huge listing of 5000+ Direct Mutual Funds that covers 48 fund houses and their plans. 

Groww app (detailed review) has a “Smart save” feature which allows you to invest your idle money in liquid funds and you can instantly withdraw your money whenever you want. The Smart save feature helps you earn additional interest on your idle money in the bank.

#2. ET Money 

ET Money, like Groww, offers a comprehensive selection of Direct Mutual Funds. This enables you to choose from a variety of fund categories and AMCs (Asset Management Companies) to tailor their investments to their financial objectives.

Whether you’re interested in blue-chip funds, SIP calculators, debt mutual fund CAGR calculators, hybrid mutual funds, or accessing mutual fund NAV history. 

ET Money vs Groww: User Interface and Experience 

#1. Groww

Groww User Interface

Groww is well-known for its user-friendly interface, designed to simplify the investing process. They offer a simple and clutter-free dashboard that’s perfect for beginners. Groww’s platform is known for its educational content, which helps you to understand investment concepts better.

Moreover, each investment product comes with its own charts displaying historical price trends, aiding investors in analyzing future price predictions. This not only makes the interface intuitive but also decision-oriented.

Trading any investment product either intraday or delivery-based, is straightforward and hassle-free on the app.

#2. ET Money

ETmoney User Interface

We especially love ET Money’s user interface due to its comprehensive yet user-friendly design.

The platform includes dedicated pages for each product and service, not only providing information but also educating users about them. These pages cover product details, benefits, and reasons for investment.

Even for beginners, the analytical insights offered by the calculators are easy to grasp. ET Money avoids using technical jargon, and if it’s necessary, the platform provides explanations before proceeding.

ET Money’s self-explanatory design ensures a fantastic user experience for investors, regardless of their level of expertise in finance.

ET Money vs Groww: Application Information

When comparing ET Money and Groww, both apps have received over 10 million downloads. ET Money holds a slightly higher Google Play Store rating of 4.4 compared to Groww’s 4.3. 

Additionally, ET Money has a smaller app size of 34 MB, while Groww’s app is slightly larger at 46 MB. Both apps are compatible with Android 5.0 and up.

ET Money Groww
Total Downloads10M+10M+
Rating on Google Play store4.4 4.3 
App Size34 MB46 MB
Required OSAndroid 5.0 and upAndroid 5.0 and up

ET Money vs Groww: Security and Reliability

Both ET Money and Groww are SEBI-registered investment advisors making it a trustworthy platform for your investments. 

Regarding the app’s security, the Groww app uses a 256-bit AES encryption standard to secure your personal information entered on the platform.

On the other hand, ET Money has bank level security integrated in the app to always protect your information. They use encryption and secure login methods to ensure the safety of your financial information.

ET Money vs Groww: Customer Support

#1. ET Money Customer Support

ET Money does not offer a customer care number or chat assistance; they exclusively provide customer support through email. You have reported mixed experiences with their customer service, with some finding it responsive while others have faced delays.

#2. Groww Customer Support 

Groww is praised for its responsive and drastically improved customer support in recent years. 

According to my research report on the top 20 stockbrokers in India, I found that Groww has the lowest percentage of complaints (0.004%) filed by clients with the stock exchange among the top Indian brokers. 

In 2022-23, a total of 237 complaints were registered with the exchanges against Groww from a customer base of 5301449 which is 0.004%.

Groww has a special escalation matrix for handling client complaints as mentioned in the table below. 

Designated OfficerContactEmail Id
Customer careCustomer Service9108800604Mon to Fri (9 AM – 7 PM)Sat (9 AM – 2 PM)[email protected]
Head of Customer careMr. Sunil Bissa8046161210Mon to Fri (9 AM – 7 PM)[email protected]
Compliance OfficerMr. Boudhayan Ghosh8061933732Mon to Fri (9 AM – 7 PM)[email protected]
Designated DirectorMr. Santosh Jayaram01161195318Mon to Fri (9 AM – 7 PM)[email protected]

Conclusion: ET Money vs Groww

Groww is the best option for you as Groww offers you diverse investment options including direct mutual funds, stocks, F&O, SGBs (Sovereign Gold Bonds), and IPOs. Furthermore, Groww has better customer support than ET Money 

Conversely, if stock market investing isn’t your primary focus, ET Money is the ideal platform for comprehensive financial management. It provides a wide array of financial solutions, allowing you to save on taxes through investments in ELSS mutual funds, NPS (National Pension System), PPF (Public Provident Fund), or tax-saving FDs (Fixed Deposits). Additionally, ET Money offers an expense tracker feature to manage your daily expenses effectively.

FAQs Relating to ET Money vs Groww

What kind of investment options does ET Money provide apart from mutual funds?

ET Money offers various financial solutions, including investments in ELSS mutual funds, NPS (National Pension System), PPF (Public Provident Fund), tax-saving FDs (Fixed Deposits), and health and term life insurance policies. It also includes an expense tracker feature for managing daily expenses.

Are there any charges for investing in mutual funds on ET Money and Groww?

Both ET Money and Groww offer commission-free direct mutual fund investments, meaning you can invest without paying distributor fees.

What mutual fund options are available on Groww?

Groww offers an extensive listing of 5000+ Direct Mutual Funds from 48 fund houses, including a “Smart save” feature for investing idle money in liquid funds.

Are both ET Money and Groww SEBI-registered?

Yes, both ET Money and Groww are SEBI-registered investment advisors, ensuring they operate within regulatory guidelines and standards.

What are the brokerage charges for stock trading on Groww?
  • For equity delivery and intraday trading, Groww charges a brokerage of Rs 20 or 0.05% of the order value, whichever is lower.
  • For F&O trading, Groww charges a flat fee of Rs. 20 per executed order.
  • Groww does not support currency and commodity trading.
Does Groww charge any fees for mutual fund investments?

No, Groww offers commission-free direct mutual fund investments, which means you can invest without paying any distributor fees. However, brokerage charges apply for stock trading.

What is the primary focus of Groww and ET Money?
  • Groww is primarily a discount stock broker offering diverse investment options, including stocks, F&O, mutual funds, SGBs, and IPOs.
  • ET Money primarily serves as a mutual fund investment platform but also offers comprehensive financial management solutions.
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