What is BO ID in Zerodha & How to Find

BO ID is basically a unique identifier for each investor registered with the exchange. The BO ID (Beneficiary Owner Identification Number) is a unique 8-digit number used to recognize your Demat account. BO-ID is exclusive for every client. 

How to Find BO ID in Zerodha 

You can find your BO ID in Zerodha by following the steps discussed below.

Login to Console > Account > Demat


You can open Console from the desktop as well as from the Zerodha kite trading app.

You’ll see a 16-digit number under the Demat ID heading is DP ID + BO ID. The Demat ID is used for IPO applications and CDSL TPIN authorization.

You can also use an 8-digit number under the BO ID heading while registering for CDSL Easiest.

Important Terms to Know

#1. What is the DP ID

DP ID is the depository Identification number that depicts the broker with whom you are registered. For example, Zerodha has a DP ID 12081600.

#2. What is the DP name

DP’s name is the Depository participant’s name. A depository participant is a broker you are registered with. For example, Zerodha Broking Limited is your DP name if you have an account in Zerodha.

#3. What is the Demat ID

The demat ID is a 16-digit number, a combination of the DP ID and your BO ID. 

You can use the demat account ID while applying for IPOs, or for generating the CDSL TPIN for holdings authorization.

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