10 Best Virtual Trading Apps & Sites in India (2024)

Whether you’re a beginner trader in the stock market or an experienced one looking to refine your strategies, virtual trading apps can be your best buddies.

Let’s go through the 10 best virtual trading apps in India, each offering unique features to suit your needs. 

Best Virtual Trading App in India

#1. TradingView

Trading View

The TradingView app provides you with an extensive range of tools for technical analysis of stocks, commodities, forex, and cryptocurrencies. 

TradingView app’s user-friendly interface allows you to navigate smoothly through the app. You can also access real-time data during paper trading, making it ideal for both beginners and advanced traders.

You can also connect your TradingView account with your trading platform for real-time trading. 


  • Advanced charting tools and technical indicators
  • Engaging and supportive trader community
  • Access to real-time market data and news
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation


  • Some advanced features may require a premium subscription
  • Limited customization options in the free version

#2.  NSE Virtual Trading App

nse virtual trading app

The NSE Virtual Trading App, offered by the National Stock Exchange of India, is an excellent platform for beginners to get a taste of the stock market. 

This app mirrors the real trading environment, enabling you to place virtual trades based on real market scenarios. The app provides valuable insights into stock market functioning and helps you understand the concepts of trading and investing.

You can trade in stocks and F&O with Rs 50 lakh virtual cash. If you are an experienced trader, you can also test your advanced strategies virtually without risking your money.


  • Official platform backed by the National Stock Exchange of India
  • Realistic virtual trading experience
  • Access to historical data and performance tracking
  • Educational resources for beginners


  • Limited to NSE-listed stocks only
  • Limited features compared to other platforms

#3. Sensibull 


Sensibull is tailor-made for beginners in options trading. You get an intuitive app interface, making it easy for you to learn F&O trading. 

The platform provides valuable assistance with options trading, allowing you to practice various options strategies without risking real money.

You can master options trading with real-time market data, advanced option chain analysis, and educational resources with the Sensibull app. 


  • Beginner-friendly interface
  • Comprehensive options trading support
  • Backtest your strategies on live market data
  • Risk-free practice and learning environment


  • Limited to options trading only
  • Some features may require a subscription

#4. TradingLeagues


TradingLeagues is a paper trading app that gamifies the stock market experience. It allows you to create and join trading leagues with your friends, making investing an enjoyable and competitive activity. 

The TradingLeagues app is perfect for your if you prefer to learn in a social and collaborative environment.


  • Fun and competitive league-based approach
  • Social learning with friends and peers
  • Real-time leaderboards for motivation
  • Wide range of financial instruments to trade


  • Educational resources are limited
  • Only a few customization options for leagues

#5. Neostox


Neostox app offers you Rs 1 crore virtual money to trade across equities and F&Os. The app provides real-time market feed without delays to offer a realistic trading experience. 

You can also enjoy advanced features like options and index analyzers, basket orders, hedge trading, and options chain analysis are available. 


  • Real-time market data for accurate simulations
  • Technical analysis tools to enhance trading strategies
  • Advanced features like Options and index analyzers


  • Limited educational resources 

#6. StockPe

stock pe

StockPe app emphasizes user-friendly learning modules for easy grasping of complex stock market concepts. The app also provides engaging trading tournaments, making it a delightful experience to enhance your trading skills.

One of the standout features of StockPe is its innovative “StockPe coins” system. As you progress through learning modules or win tournaments, you earn these coins. 

The best part is that you can convert these earned StockPe coins into Indian rupees, adding an extra layer of motivation and reward to your virtual trading journey.


  • Interactive paper trading platform
  • Incentives as coins for achieving milestones
  • Convert reward coins into Indian currency
  • High-quality learning content


  • Limited technical analysis tools 

Best Virtual Trading Websites in India

#7. MoneyBhai


MoneyBhai, an initiative by Moneycontrol, offers a user-friendly interface for virtual trading with Rs 1 crore virtual cash.

With access to real-time stock prices and historical data, this platform lets you simulate your trading strategies and gain confidence before entering the real market.

MoneyBhai also offers leaderboards and live competitions to test your trading skills and improve your performance. 


  • Real-time market data
  • User-friendly interface
  • Practice with a diverse range of financial instruments
  • Compete with other users in trading challenges


  • Limited customization options
  • Some features are restricted to premium users

#8. ChartMantra


ChartMantra, part of the Economic Times platform, is an ideal virtual trading site for you if you are looking to enhance your technical analysis skills. You get Rs 1 lakh as virtual cash that you can refill once utilized providing an unlimited money supply for your paper trading.

The platform also provides access to a vast collection of charts and technical indicators, enabling you to practice chart analysis effectively. You can also access our list of the best stock analysis portals in India.


  • Abundance of charts and technical indicators
  • Educational resources for technical analysis
  • Real-time market data\
  • Unlimited virtual money
  • Active community for discussions


  • Limited to technical analysis practice only
  • Interface may seem overwhelming for beginners

#9. Stock Simulator By Dalal Street Investment Journal

stock simulation by dsij

Stock Simulator by Dalal Street Investment Journal offers an immersive virtual trading experience with real-time market data. It’s designed to help beginners understand the nuances of trading, analyze stocks, and build a solid foundation for investing.

DSIJ’s stock simulator is an efficient tool to learn trading or investing while staying informed about the market.


  • Real-time market data
  • Educational content for beginners
  • Portfolio analysis and performance tracking


  • User interface is confusing and boring

#10. Moneypot


Moneypot is another virtual trading platform that offers various virtual trading challenges, educational content, and an engaging interface to sharpen your investing acumen.

You get Rs 2 lakh in virtual currency after registering on the Money pot platform, you can use the virtual money to trade in stocks and other assets.


  • Virtual trading challenges and competitions
  • Educational content for learning
  • User-friendly interface with customization options


  • Limited features in the free account
  • Virtual cash is very small in amount


You can go with the TradingView app if you have some experience in trading to get advanced charting tools, technical analysis features, and a large community of traders sharing ideas. You can test your complex trading strategies on the virtual platform.

If you primarily want to learn options trading, then the Sensibull app is an ideal choice because the Sensibull app provides an easy-to-use interface for beginners to learn to trade in F&O. You also get a wide range of educational resources and tools to help you understand the options trading better.

Moneybhai is a good choice if you are looking for a virtual trading website. Moneybhai offers Rs 1 crore virtual cash to help you play bigger trades virtually. You can also compete with other traders in the live challenges to test your skills.


What is a virtual trading app, and how does it work?

A virtual trading app is a platform that allows you to practice trading in the stock market using virtual money, simulating real-market conditions.

You get a risk-free environment to buy and sell stocks, track portfolio performance, and experiment with different trading strategies.

These apps use real-time market data, enabling you to gain practical experience without risking your hard-earned money.

Are virtual trading apps in India free to use, or do they require payment?

Most virtual trading apps in India offer free versions with basic features, allowing users to explore the platform without any cost.

However, some apps may offer premium subscriptions that unlock advanced features, research reports, and additional tools for a fee.

You can usually start with free versions and later opt for premium features if you require more advanced functionalities.

Q3. Can I trade real money through these virtual trading apps?

No, virtual trading apps are strictly for practice and educational purposes only. They do not facilitate actual trading with real money. Virtual trading apps help you gain experience, knowledge, and confidence in trading before entering the real stock market.

Do virtual trading apps provide real-time market data and stock prices?

Yes, most virtual trading apps in India offer real-time market data and stock prices. This feature ensures that users get an accurate representation of the current market conditions and helps them make informed decisions while practicing trading.

Are virtual trading results indicative of actual trading success in the stock market?

While virtual trading results can give you an idea of your trading performance, they may not necessarily reflect your success in the real stock market.

Virtual trading involves no real financial risk, and emotions related to actual money are not involved. Therefore, the outcomes in virtual trading may differ from real-world trading experiences.

How can virtual trading apps help me improve my investing skills?

Virtual trading apps are an excellent tool for improving your investing skills in multiple ways. They allow you to practice trading strategies, analyze market trends, and understand how different financial instruments work.

You can experiment with various approaches and learn from both successes and mistakes without risking real money. Additionally, many apps provide educational resources and insights from experienced traders, further enhancing your knowledge.

Are there any risks associated with using virtual trading apps?

Virtual trading apps are designed to be risk-free, as you are not using real money to trade. However, it’s essential to approach virtual trading seriously and treat it as a learning experience.

While you won’t suffer financial losses, improper practices or overconfidence in virtual trading may lead to poor decision-making when you start real trading.

Therefore, use virtual trading apps responsibly and focus on gaining valuable insights and skills.

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