11 Best Desktop Trading Software in India 2023

Trading software is a trading terminal that gives you access to live online stock market trading on NSE or Sensex via your stockbroker.

The platforms are essential for live market view and online price tracking. You get access to the live market via this software, either through web browsers like Google Chrome or through downloadable .exe files connected to the internet. 

The downloadable trading software can be installed locally on your PC or laptop and are best suited for beginners and regular traders.

You need to open a Demat trading account with the broker to use their trading software. Here are the top 3 recommended brokers to use the trading software.

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Here is the list of the best trading software to help you choose that suits your equity trading requirements. 

Best Trading Software For PC in India 2023

#1. Upstox Pro Web Trading Software

Upstox Pro is a web browser-based trading platform that can be opened on Google Chrome and Firefox. You just need to have a decent internet connection.

Upstox Pro offers powerful customizable charts with a duration from 1 minute to 10 years of history and a facility to draw 107 indicators. All the essential tools are loaded into Upstox Pro which helps you do extensive technical analysis on the go.

There are stock screeners and customizable watchlists to aid your trading. You can place cover orders and bracket orders from a single order entry form. Further, the widget feature helps in personalizing the platform to suit your unique trading style. 

You can use 107 indicators and historical data for the last 10 years. The candlestick charting duration range is customizable from 1 minute to 1 month.

Requirements for use – Online trading account of Upstox with PC or laptop and decent internet speed. Additionally, you can enjoy a cost-free demat and trading account opening experience along with zero AMC charges by using Upstox coupon code.


  • Trade from charts
  • Customizable charts with 107 indicators
  • 1 minute to 10-year charts
  • Trade from charts

  • No market depth tool like Zerodha

Best For – Charts and technical analysis with 107 tools and indicators and charting facility.

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#2. Zerodha Kite 3.0 Trading Software

According to our research report on top 20 stockbrokers in India, Zerodha is the top stock broker in India with the biggest customer base of 64+ lakhs. Zerodha Kite gives access to Marketwatch, extensive charting with over 100 indicators. 

You do not need to download the software but can run on any browser that offers at least 0.5 Kbps of internet speed or more. 

Zerodha Kite helps you in a stock search with the universal stock search tool. You have access to live market data, margin information and historical price data for stocks and F&O contracts. 

Zerodha Kite has a clutter-free intuitively designed sleek interface for trading, funds management and portfolio tracking.

Requirements for use –  Zerodha online trading account is best for regular traders 

  • Universal stock search
  • 100+ indicators and 6 chart types
  • Low bandwidth consumption of 0.5 Kbps
  • Hangs at the last hour of trade

Best For – Universal stock search, in-depth market quotes view platform on a low-cost brokerage structure.

Check out the Zerodha charges details to use the Zerodha trading software.

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#3. 5Paisa Trade Station EXE Trading Software

5Paisa Trade station offers a simple and easy trading software with a neatly arranged watchlist and order window. 

The white and light pinkish color is easy to view and trade. On 5Paisa trade station you can place cover orders and bracket orders in a single click. 

The platform is powerful and lets you slice the order (divide bulk order into multiple orders) for better price discovery. You can go through our comparison of the 5paisa vs Upstox to know the brokerage charges of both stock brokers.

Requirements for use – Subscription to 5Paisa trading online trading plans, a PC or laptop and decent internet speed. 

  • Clean and user-friendly interface
  • Order slicing option
  • Cover and bracket order placing
  • At times the chart loads slowly

Best For – New traders with a simple, clean and intuitive trade area and customizable watchlist.

#4. Angel Speed Pro Trading Software

Angel Speed Pro needs a minimum Pentium 4 processor with 1GB RAM. You can install the software by downloading executable (.exe) files. The platform runs on the latest version of Java and Adobe Flash Player. 

The platform offers access to Angel’s trade calls and research advisory/report, “Heat map”,  analysis, and “Multi desktop options” for viewing and trading in two seperate desktops. 

You can check the detailed comparison between Angel One vs Upstox to know about the account opening fees, brokerage charges, and trading software.

Requirements for use – Online trading account of Angel Broking with Pentium PC or laptop and decent internet speed. You can check the angel broking account charges to use angel speed pro software.

  • Multi-desk option
  • Heat map analysis for trading
  • 30-day history intraday charts
  • Frequent calls and ideas
  • Cannot trade directly from charts

Best For – Regular intraday speed traders requiring multi-desktop options. 

#5. Sharekhan Trade Tiger Trading Software

There are two versions of the Trade Tiger trading platform. 

ParticularsTrade Tiger BasicTrade Tiger Advanced
For IndividualsProfessional Traders
PC Works on Pentium 4 Processor Works on Pentium Dual Core Processor or higher
Operating systemWin 7 & Win 8Win 7 & above
ProcessorIntel Dual CoreIntel Dual Core
Disk Space40 MB1GB
Screen Resolution 800×6001024×768

Sharekhan Trade Tiger is a downloadable desktop-based trading platform where you can customize TradeTiger with multiple screens, candlestick charts for day trading, and shortcuts. 

Requirements for use – Online trading account of Sharekhan, PC or laptop having at least Pentium 4 processor and decent internet speed. 

  • Place an order from the charts
  • Trade directly from Excel
  • 30 technical indicators
  • Too many research calls
  • Lesser indicators

Best For – Traders requiring research reports and stock tips.

Check out the details of Sharekhan brokerage charges if you are interested in to open Demat account with Sharekhan.

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#6. MO (Motilal Oswal) Orion Lite- Desktop Trading Software

Motilal Oswal’s Orion Lite offers a unique “Trade Guide Signal” tool that auto-generates buy/sell ideas. The other useful tools include “Option Writer” and “Option dCoder” for options trading. You can check the list of best broker for option trading that offers cheap brokerage charges for trading.

Orion Lite is loaded with more than 40 customizable charting indicators for technical analysis and studies. 

The desktop can be customized to track and create multi-assets watch lists for equity, derivatives, currency and commodities.  

Requirements for use –  A Motilal Oswal brokerage account, PC or laptop and decent internet speed. 

  • 30,000+ research reports while trading
  • 40 customizable charting indicators
  • Option writer and dCoder tools for option trading.
  • To many trade ideas SMS
  • Cannot trade directly from charts

Best For – Intraday trading with hand-holding for research, trade and portfolio management. If you want to do intraday trading, I would suggest starting investing with Rs 5000 as an initial investment.

#7. Kotak Securities KEAT Pro X Trading Software

KEAT Pro X is a desktop-based trading platform offered by Kotak Securities where you can trade in equities, derivatives and currencies using a single platform. 

On KEAT Pro X you get live-streaming of market data, can create customized watchlists and have charting tools. 

There are two versions; 

FastlaneFastlane is web-based software for KEAT ProX-like trading when your office does not allow application installations.
XtraliteXtralite is especially for trading in a slow internet environment. Xtralite provides super-fast trading even on low bandwidth connections. 

Requirements for use –  Online trading account of Kotak Securities, PC or laptop and decent internet speed.

  • Trade-in equity, F&O and currency from a single platform
  • 2 versions to select
  • Less charting tools

Best For – If you already have a Kotak Bank account and banking relationship. 

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#8. HDFC Pro Terminal Software

HDFC Pro Terminal is offered by HDFC Securities, the software has a Web 2.0 and Ajax-based technology for fast trading on the web.

The HDFC Pro Terminal is loaded with ingenious tools like Stock Screeners, News & Sentiment Analysis, Advanced Portfolio Tracker, Watchlists, and RADAR tool. 

HDFC charges a subscription fee of Rs. 1999 for a period of 1 year which is not refundable.

Requirements for use –  Online trading account of HDFC Securities, PC or laptop and decent internet speed.

  • Based on advanced Ajax technology
  • RADAR tool
  • Stock Screeners, News & Sentiment Analysis tool
  • A subscription fee of Rs 1999

Best For – Only if you have an existing banking relationship with HDFC Bank and do not mind paying for the software.

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#9. Fyers One Trading Software

Fryers One is a desktop trading platform with access to 60 indicators and studies to perform required in-depth technical analysis. 

You have tools like “heat map”, market dynamics and index meter tools. To aid trading Fyers One offers inbuilt stock screeners, that help you gauge trends, support and resistance levels and intraday movements.

Requirements for use –  Fyers Demat & trading account, PC or laptop and decent internet speed. 

  • 60 technical indicators
  • Heat map Market dynamics and Index meter tools
  • Intraday charts with a 30-day history
  • Trading from charts is not possible

Best For – Regular intraday trading with decent 60 indicators and charting tools.  

You can also check the list of free demat account openings with zero AMC charges.

#10. ICICI Trade Racer Trading Software

ICICI Trade Racer is offered by ICICI Direct. The software is loaded with a trend scanner and “heat maps” for spotting price movements.

The software gives you access to ICICI reports on fundamental and also to technical calls while you trade through the iClick2Gain tool. 

Requirements for use –  3-in1 account of ICICI, PC or laptop and decent internet speed. 

  • Easy access using icon bar
  • Heat map analysis for trading
  • Pre-defined desktops, grid layout
  • Trend Scanner and market Scanner
  • Too many trade advice & calls
  • Bulky platform, that loads slowly

Best For – ICICI account holders who also require advisory services and stock tips. 

You may like to check the ICICI direct brokerage & account charges before opening an account with ICICI bank.

#11. Wisdom Capital FOX Trader Trading Platform

Fox Trader is for regular traders who are looking for advanced trading tools.

Wisdom Capital FOX trader software is an executable software that can be downloadable on your desktop. You have access to technical indicators, live tick screening, Japanese chart analysis and algorithm designing.

Requirements for use – Trading account with Wisdom Capital, PC or laptop and decent internet speed. 

  • Multiple Scanners with 200+ conditions/signals
  • API integration, live tick screening
  • Gets slow at times
  • No trading form charts

Best For – Traders who want multiple scanners, API integration and live tick screening.

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Features of Best Trading Software in India

#1. Hardware and Software Requirements

The trading software should be compatible with your PC’s processor version so that you can download locally if it is a .exe based trading software.

Or you need to use the web version of the trading software.

You need to select the trading software based on the hardware and software requirements of your present PC. Apart from that remember that the hardware should not crash or hang while you are trading. 

#2. Tools for Charting & Analysis

Charting indicators and tools help you in pattern studies, creating overlays, drawings and technical analysis. 

Some trading software offers 100+ tool options you may not need all the tools, but the tools that you frequently use should be available on the trading software that you are selecting.

The trading software you are picking should support the charts, indicators and related drawing tools that you need for your technical analysis. You can use trend reversal trading strategy to invest in Sensex, banknifty or nifty 50.

#3. Customization & Widgets

The software trading platforms should be customizable to easy access to various tabs and functions so that you are comfortable trading online.

The platform should offer easy to customize and widgets to help you in creating a personalized workstation.

You need to check with the stockbroker to know the customization options available with the trading platform. 

#4. Web-Based or Downloadable .Exe Software

Both the trading software types depend on the good internet speed. But downloadable .exe software creates a local trading environment on your PC/laptop. 

The local downloadable software is fast and is preferred by the regular traders whereas for beginners traders any of the platforms works. 

So before you pick any trading platform software check your trading needs and pick the platform accordingly.

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Final Words

If you are looking for the most used, best trading software option then you can go with the Zerodha Kite trading platform because it offers you easy navigation and a clutter-free trading platform. The platform offers tools like stock screeners, watchlist, console and also an option to invest in mutual funds.

If you are a regular trader then you can pick Upstox Pro because the platform is loaded with advanced tools, 10-year price history, and 107 charting indicators that support any kind of technical studies. 

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