5 Best Stock Trading YouTube Channels in India

I’ve made a list of my favorite YouTube channels for stock trading in India that I watch to learn more about trading. 

Whether you’re just a beginner or looking for more advanced strategies, these youtube channels have something for you. 

I haven’t ranked them, but I’ve listed the topics they cover and the insights you can gain from them. So, check out the best stock trading youtube channels and enhance your trading skills.

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Best Stock Trading YouTube Channels in India

#1. Ghanshyam Tech (Art of Trading)

Ghanshyam Tech is the founder of the Art of Trading YouTube channel which is one of the most popular stock trading channels in India. Art of Trading has more than 1 Million subscribers. 

Ghanshyam teaches about technical analysis of stocks, commodities, and F&Os along with trading strategies and tips.

Ghanshyam offers a unique approach to stock trading, blending technical analysis with psychology and human behavior. You can understand the underlying factors that influence the stock market and make informed decisions.

If you want to invest in stock market, you can start investing with Rs 5000 as an initial investment.

Ghanshyam’s Bank Nifty analysis video is a must-watch for options traders –

#2. Power of Stocks

Power of Stocks is run by Subasish Pani an engineer by education (B.E.) but a passionate trader who decided to make his passion his profession. Subasish provides an in-depth analysis of stocks including fundamental and technical analysis in very easy language.

If you want to learn about intraday trading, options trading, complex Japanese chart patterns, and risk management in trading, then Power of Stocks is the right platform for you. 

The video that I liked the most is about intraday strategies – 

#3. Invest Aaj for Kal

Anant Ladha is a master of finance being a CFA (chartered financial analyst), CA (chartered accountant), CFP (certified financial planner), and LLB.

Anant Ladha covers a wide range of topics related to both trading and investing on his youtube channel Invest Aaj for Kal. Anand shares his knowledge and insights on personal finance, investing, and wealth creation. 

You can learn stock investing, trading strategies, investing behavioral analysis, bonds, mutual funds, government policies, and many more. You may like to read how to invest 15 lakhs to earn a monthly income.

Anything that you can think of learning about the stock market, you’ll get a video on that at Invest Aaj for Kal. You can explore more than 2K videos on this channel.

Anant also covers interviews with experts, case studies, and market updates. Invest Aaj for Kal offers a holistic approach to personal finance and wealth creation. 

You would like his video to learn his swing trading process –

As per research report on top 20 stock broker companies in India, as of march 2023, a total of 266 stockbrokers are registered with NSE with a total client base of 32,660,214.

#4. Theta Gainers

Reyaansh Upadhyay is an options trader who started his youtube channel in 2014. On theta gainers, he provides an in-depth analysis of options trading, along with trading strategies and tips. You can check out best broker for option trading in India.

Reyaansh focuses on options trading, which is a complex and often misunderstood area of the stock market. Reyaansh provides a clear and concise explanation of options trading, making it easier for you to understand and create your own trading strategies. 

You can check the detailed comparison between Angel One vs Zerodha to know about the account opening fees and brokerage charges for option trading.

I highly liked Theta Gainer’s below video on options selling focused on beginners –

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#5. Pushkar Raj Thakur

Pushkar Raj Thakur is a business coach, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur. He provides insights on personal growth, success, and wealth creation.

Pushkar Raj Thakur has the highest youtube followership on the list with almost 8 Million subscribers. Pushkar Raj Thakur also created the Guinness World Record for giving the largest financial lesson on 12 March 2023 in Delhi where 4500 people around the country attended his session. 

Pushkar Raj Thakur’s channel is not specifically focused on stock trading, but his content can help you develop a strong mindset and achieve your goals in all areas of life, including the stock market. You can also learn how to earn Rs. 1000 daily online with zero investment in India.

Regarding stock trading, Pushkar has created multiple free courses which are available on his youtube channel that includes the stock market crash course for beginners, options trading course, candlestick patterns course, and many more.

Pushkar Raj’s video (the whole series) that I liked the most is –

So, this is the list of my favorite Stock Trading Youtube channels in India. If you think that I may have missed some other great youtube channels, please let me know and I will add them to the list.

You can also go through our list of best personal youtube channels and best personal finance blogs in India to enjoy high-quality content in the personal finance domain.

About Rajan Dhawan

Rajan has covered personal finance and investing for over 5 years. Previously, he was in the IT field for 8 years after completing his MCA but his deep interest in personal finance led him to become an investing expert. He is passionate about investing, stocks, startups, and cryptos.

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