10 Best Personal Finance Youtube Channels in India

I have compiled a list of my favorite personal finance YouTube channels in India that I follow at different phases of my life to learn more about personal finance.

Whether you’re just starting to manage your money or seeking advanced tips, these finance experts have something valuable to teach you.

#1. Pranjal Kamra

Pranjal Kamra is India’s top personal finance advisor on YouTube, with 4.79M subscribers. Pranjal is the founder and CEO of Finology Ventures Pvt. Ltd.

Starting out on YouTube in May 2011, Pranjal provides quality videos that share valuable information on stock markets for beginners, such as how to invest salary, mutual funds, share markets, and IPOs. His content is explained in a very detailed manner, which makes it easier for his audience to understand the content better.

Pranjal Kamra also authored the book, “Investonomy – The Stock Market Guide That Makes You Rich”, which was first published in 2020.

Video Language – Hindi

Check out Pranjal Kamra’s video on the stock market for beginners

#2. CA Rachana Phadke Ranade

CA Rachana Phadke Ranade, a personal finance youtube influencer, helps people build financial discipline. CA Rachana Phadke Ranade started a YouTube channel in 2019 and reached 4.29 million subscribers in a very short time span. 

Through her channel, she has been working to simplify stock market education and financial concepts to help everyone to achieve their financial goals.

With the aim of Localization and Globalization, Rachna Phadke Ranade actively pursued two channels to promote financial literacy in two languages – CA Rachna Phadke Ranade for English, and CA Rachna Ranade for Marathi.

If you want to invest in stock market, you can start investing with Rs 5000 as an initial investment.

Video Language – English, Marathi

You can watch the CA Rachana’s most popular video on the basics of the stock market

#3. Warikoo

Warikoo, founded by Ankur Warikoo in August 2017, covers a wide range of content like personal finance, investing, the stock market, entrepreneurship, inspiration, public speaking, cryptocurrency, and passive income.

Ankur was featured in Fortune Magazine’s 40 Under 40 List in India, Forbes Top 100 Digital Creators 2022 list, LinkedIn India’s Top Voices for 2018, 2019, and 2020, and LinkedIn India’s Spotlight List.

Ankur Warikoo also published a book called “Do Epic Shit” which became a bestseller on Amazon.

Language –  Hindi

Check out Ankur Warikoo’s video on how to start investing in your 20s

#4. Asset Yogi

Mukul Malik is the founder of Asset Yogi and provides in-depth guidance on money investment and business.

Additionally, Asset Yogi has an app named “Asset Yogi” that aims to spread financial literacy in an easy-to-understand language. 

Language – Hindi

You can check out Mukul’s video on zero income tax on 16 lakh salary

#5. Invest Aaj For Kal 

Anant Ladha is a CFA, CA, CFP, and LLB who is a learner of financial markets. He started the “Invest Aaj For Kal” YouTube channel in August 2013 to provide information and educational content related to investments.

You can learn about stocks, mutual funds, bonds, share trading strategies, IPO investment, government policies, option selling, and money-making secrets through his channel.

Language – Hindi

You can check out Anant’s video to learn how to do options selling to make profits

#6. Labour Law Advisor

Rishabh Jain and Mandeep Gill started a “Labour Law Advisor” YouTube channel in August 2017. They aim to help employees make wise financial decisions with informative and helpful videos. 

You will get information about several topics, such as freelancing, fixed-income investments, different ways of investing in gold, personal finance, a mutual funds guide, debt funds, choosing the best life insurance, and a health insurance guide. 

Language – Hindi

If you invest in money-back plans then you should watch Mandeep’s video on the reality of moneyback plans.

#7. B Wealthy

Swati Kumari created “B Wealthy” YouTube channel on 27th July 2017 with expertise in personal finance. Based on her personal opinions and experience, Swati creates videos to help people achieve financial freedom. 

Swati covers interesting topics in his videos such as saving, investment, mutual funds, the stock market, insurance, tax, returns, and earnings.

Language – Hindi

You can check out Swati’s video on 10 financial rules to manage money

#8. FinnovationZ by Prasad

FinnovationZ by Prasad is an innovative endeavor founded in 2014 by Prasad R. Lendwe, a personal finance YouTuber who is passionate about helping Indian youth become financially literate and independent. 

His videos teach you how to invest in mutual funds and start-ups, the stock market for beginners, value investing, trading, budgeting, IPO, technical analysis, and stock analysis. 

Language – Hindi

Check out Prasad’s video on the best sectors to invest

#9. Groww

Groww is an Indian online investment and trading platform that makes it easy and convenient for anyone to invest in stocks, mutual funds, SIPs, and IPOs. On their Youtube channel, you can get insights related to stock and mutual fund investments. 

You get fact-based information, news, and upcoming IPO analysis related to stocks on the YouTube channel.  

Language – Hindi

You can watch Groww’s video on how to earn Rs 1 lakh dividend in a year

#10. Akshat Shrivastava

Akshat Shrivastava is one of the top finance YouTubers and has been named in Forbes’s list of 100 Digital Stars. He is also the founder of two successful companies, Next EdVentures and INSEAD, worth millions of dollars.

His content lets you learn about the stock market, mutual funds, investment options, and finance.

Language – English

Watch out akshat’s video on how to invest your salary

This is the list of my favorite personal finance YouTube channels in India. If you feel I may have missed some excellent channels, please let me know, and I will add them to the list.

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